Ripple (XRP) is the subject of heavy discussions at the moment largely due to the solid amount of cash that digital currency is sitting on.

What is really going on?

Well, crypto investors following XRP will know that it has been a very hot coin and has benefited as much from the Bitcoin explosion as any other coin. But there is a mainstream personality to XRP, a personality that has allowed it to attract the attention of some of the biggest investors in America.

The big funding spree started around 16 months ago when Ripple (XRP) managed to raise around $55B using the rather traditional venture funding route. Thanks to a very high profile, XRP managed to get the likes of Google Ventures and the prolific Andreesen Horowitz from the Silicon Valley big wig firm to throw in their lot. A few other strategic investors threw in their lot, suggesting that XRP is the real deal.

So what is making Ripple so valuable in the eyes of mainstream investors? Ripple is essentially a software company that makes banking and financial software solutions for the expedited processing of transactions. But the company created XRP which is a cryptocurrency and listed said currency on the exchanges. It’s the XRP component that is driving interest as since it has managed to reach a valuation of $130B.

This is no small feat and the big rally for XRP started last year when the digital currency rallied to a high of $3.84. Once it reached that level it was all eyes on XRP and although there has been a marked decline in valuation since achieving those eyes, the digital currency has still managed to retain much of gains achieved last year.Ripple, as at this writing is up almost 200% over the last 12 months, a fact that isn’t lost on investors.

The big talk surrounding Ripple (XRP) now is the fact that Ripple is sitting on around $80B worth of cash, a figure worked out by tallying valuation with the number of coins the company owns – that amounts to around 60B of the 100B worth of coins in total supply. Here’s the thing. Ripple was valued at around $400M at its last funding round and it owns $80B worth of coins in XRP. So what is the true value?

That is the big question on the minds of investors and it is helping to spur interest in both the digital currency and the parent company. Currently XRP is trading at around $1.27 and has a market cap of around $50B. Daily volume is worth around $4.5B with a total circulation supply of around 38B coins. In every way this cryptocurrency is pushing some major weight and it will be interesting to see how things play out over the coming weeks. For now investors are looking keenly at the stat line. Many are wondering if XRP could test its high from last year, perhaps even breakout to something higher. The thing to do right now is to keep a keen eye on Ripple (XRP).