Rand Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLOG) might have Objectivism hinted at in its name but the stock as stock has had nothing but a dismal time over the past year. Looking at the figures we see pretty grim stuff, including a one-year performance figure set at -71%. Half yearly the stock is doing poorly too, coming in at -68%. The YD performance is the biggest factor, of course, and that’s not looking at all. YTD RLOG is down 64% with very little signs that the stock might be ready to break free from its chains and do something wonderful for investors.

Looking at the technical setup we see that the stock has also not enjoyed a good run. We see for instance that the moving averages are in terrible shape. The DMA 20 is down only 6.02% but it’s a negative performance which could get worse before it gets better. Not only that, the DMA 20 is a short term measure of what the stock is doing valuation wise and this does not look good for investors who might be hoping for something positive over the short term. It gets worse with the other moving averages. The DMA 50 is down 26% which shows that the negative performance is gaining stamina on its way to exploding into something unseen and unsightly by investors. The ultimate show of where the stock has been is the long term DMA 200. That figure is way up there at -58% which means that the long term negative trend is well entrenched.

It’s not looking for good for investors who might have expected RLOG to challenge its target price of 2.00. The stock currently trades for less than 50 cents. On Tuesday it moved to a high of 0.32 after opening at 0.25 and closing up 16% at 0.30. There are still lots of work to be done.