The big question on the minds of investors in the gold and precious metals sector is whether or not Golden Star Resources Ltd. (NYSE: GSS) can shake off its doldrums and finally deliver some major upside opportunity to those investors who have kept it on their radar for as long as they have. It’s a big question, but there are some clues that hints at what could happen for the precious metals stock.

One clue is the fact that recently (August 1) GSS reported massive changes in its net income. For the second quarter in 2016 GSS reported a net loss; this year, however, the company reported a change in fortune to post a net profit of 13.9M. GSS said in the announcement confirming the profit that in dollars earns per share terms, the growth in net income means profit of 2 cents per share. This was generated on the back of revenue of $77.3M for the quarter.

Another clue is the fact that the underlying numbers for GSS aren’t as dismal as many investors would like to think. YTD the stock is only down 4.51%. That’s not bad – even though it’s not a positive number – as many investors would be staring at even steeper declines for similar stocks in the gold and precious metals sector. This one foot in the red and one in the black is perhaps why GSS posted a modest rebound on Wednesday. The stock opened at 0.68 before rising to a high of 0.73. GSS close up 7% to finish the day at 0.71 on 3.71M shares changing hands. The modest lift is sure to be a catalyst going forward for the gold sector stock that has seen highs of 1.01 in the past.