Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: XTNT) is on the move again and this time, it looks like the healthcare and medical equipment company will be holding on to its uptrend for a little bit longer.

In most recent trading XTNT showed why it managed to attain a 52-week high of 1.88, racing out the gates on Monday to start the day’s trading at 0.85. Before long XTNT was trading above 90 cents eventually reaching a high of 0.93 but not before it hit a low of 0.80. The dip did little to slow XTNT and by the end of the trading session on Monday the stock had rallied back to a close of 0.89 to finish the day up 12%. Good developments for investors for sure but perhaps not as good as the news announced by XTNT on August 3.

On August 3 XTNT announced its sponsorship of the 2018 Donate Life float at the January 1 Rose Parade® in Pasadena. XTNT confirmed that the parade is in its 15th year, something that will surely help to grow the profile of the company in the eyes of not just investors, but the buying public. XTNT has shown by this latest gesture of sponsorship that it is not out of touch with the public, something that will definitely help the company build up its goodwill. And when goodwill is strong there is plenty to leverage in actual growth, so this development is a good thing from any perspective.

XTNT will no doubt build on its earlier gains; gains which have helped to push the DMA 20 to 17%. The DMA 50 has also grown, reaching levels of 32%. In the long term the outlook is even stronger with the DMA 200 rising above 53% which is another strong sign that investors are heavily aware of the stock and what it can do.