HMS Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:HMSY) on Nov. 3, 2017 saw a significant decline, closing the day at $18.88, or a decline of $3.31 or (17.53%).Volume levels waned and HMSY actually managed a declined which translated to 9.19 million shares changing hands on the day. HMSY traded on a high for the day of 15.65 with a corresponding low of 11.01. The day’s high marked a slight increase on the previous day’s close which saw HMSY finish the day’s trading at 11.01.

Driving interest in HMS Holdings Corp. (HMSY) is a number of factors, including perhaps, a steady increase of the profile of the company as insider activity takes center stage. This activity has been headed largely by Alex Azar, a director of the company. Alex Azar has seen steady activity on the buy side, and on September 30, 2017, executed an option to buy 957 shares. The purchase, at a price of $19.86, resulted in Alex Azar bringing total 17034 shares. Other officers which have joined Alex Azar in buying shares include Bart Schwartz who bought for 648 shares. The option since executed brings Schwartz ownership to 54847 shares. Cora Tellez, a director at (HMSY), bought 1297 shares at a price of 19.86 to bring his total ownership in the stock to 46,814 shares.

But it’s not just buying activity that is creating investor interest in HMSY; over the last several weeks, several insiders have sold shares. On September 27, 2017, William C Lucia executed a direct sell involving 29894 shares. Also included in the list of sellers for the last 3 months Cynthia Nustad who executed a direct sell for 22,907 shares on August 31, 2017.Officer Semone Neuman sold 2208 shares on August 28, 2017, bringing his total number of shares held to 87405.

Institutional investors have also been busy with the stock. Their activity in HMSY in recent trading has also spurred interest in the stock. The most recent shifts in number of shares owned by institutions came on June 30, 2017 when Blackrock Inc. sold 64254 shares from its total ownership of 10.18 million. The value for the sale was $158.44 million. On the opposite side of that transaction from Blackrock Inc. stood Van Berkom & Associates Inc. which added 292560 shares to its existing stake, bringing total stake held in HMSY to 3.52 million shares. That transaction by Van took place on June 30, 2017, the same day Dimensional Fund Advisors Lp purchased an additional 68089 shares in HMSY to bring its total stake to 3.14 million. Dimensional’s stake was worth $48.88 million at the time of purchase. Institutional shareholders currently hold a 94.74% stake overall in HMSY.

HMS Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:HMSY) continues to be a formidable company. Current market cap is $1.59B and the stock has an EPS of $0.37. The P/E Ratio for HMSY is 41. Over the course of the last year HMSY has set a 52-week high of $21.83 while the corresponding low set was $15.94.