Adlaia Beverley-Age, Who, Bio, Wiki, Parents, Basketball

Gorgeous Adlaia Beverley is Patrick Beverley’s daughter.
The latter is an excellent NBA player who has also garnered attention for his public spats with opposing players.
Adlaia is a normal kid growing up with her parents and two older brothers.
She’s already incredibly well-known for being Patrick Beverley’s kid, yet she’s still very young.

As a result, all the information we have thus far about Adlaia Beverley’s whereabouts is provided here.

Patrick Beverley’s Eldest Daughter

Patrick Beverley did not have a father figure in his life, hence he lost out on numerous bonding experiences.
His kids are now his top concern after what he went through.

The LA Clippers’ point guard reportedly has two children that he adores.
The 2019 Bleacher Report story claims, however, that he is the father of four children—two sons and two daughters.

Adlaia Beverley is Patrick’s oldest daughter; his newest daughter was born in February 2018.
Everett Beverley is one of her younger brothers, also a 2015 baby.

Unfortunately, her other siblings’ backgrounds remain a mystery.
Adlaia’s dad also shared a photo of the family swimming, which included Adlaia, her two brothers, and their sister.
It’s safe to assume that the Beverley kids get along well and have a blast in their youth.

Adlaia’s mother’s identity remains a mystery.
Yet, it is reasonable to suppose that her parents get along famously.
They may even be taking turns caring for her and her siblings.

Despite our lack of information, it appears that Patrick Beverley’s kid takes after her father in many ways.
The Sports Rush reports that Adlaia takes after her father in many ways, including sharing a love of basketball and an innate willingness to defend herself.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as evidenced by the fact that Adlaia Beverley’s father disclosed some of the text messages exchanged by the two.
Well, let’s hope the youngster maintains her momentum and displays her own character in the future.

Adlaia Beverley’s Father Is A NBA Star

Patrick Beverley, Adlaia’s father, played professionally for many years.
As of this writing, he is a member of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.
Beverley has had a long and successful career in basketball, during which he has played for a number of different teams, including BC Dnipro, Olympiacos Piraeus, Spartak St. Petersburg, and many others.

As was said previously, Patrick has played for both the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers.
He has earned an enormous wealth from his contracts and career earnings.
Like her, he has won a number of tournaments and championships.

Patrick deserted his family in order to pursue his athletic dreams.

Patrick relocated to Ukraine as one of just three Americans on a squad that included eight locals.
Yet, he had to leave his family in Los Angeles.
Moreover, Adlaia’s grandma, Lisa Beverley, had relocated to Ukraine with her dad.