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The fact that Archie Heaton’s parents, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, are also well-known actors makes him a celebrity child.
Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura.

Charlie and Akiko are both musicians, but Akiko is Japanese.
Charlie has a career in the theater.

Archie Heaton’s dad, Jonathan, had a significant role in the plot of the Netflix series and was portrayed by Michael Hopper.

The show helped boost Archie Heaton’s profile in his hometown.

In this paper, I will discuss Archie Heaton’s biography, which will include details like his birth year, age, and the names of his parents.


NameArchie Heaton Matsuura
Famous forSon of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura
Date of Birth19 May 2014
BirthplaceLondon, England
Age9 Years (2023)
Current ResidenceLondon, England
Zodiac SignAries
Net Worth$5 million

An outline of Archie Heaton’s life

Archie Heaton is a famous youngster since his parents, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, are also stars.

Charlie also plays music, although his wife Akiko is a Japanese musician.
Charlie has a career in the theater.

Archie Heaton’s real-life father, actor Michael Heaton, performed the pivotal part of Jonathan in the Stranger Things plot.

The TV show was essential in helping Archie Heaton gain the level of notoriety he craved.

In this paper, I’ll discuss Archie Heaton’s early years, including when and where he was born and who his parents were.

Let’s begin with the abridged version of her background information.

Actor Charlie Heaton and singer Akiko Matsuura welcomed their first child, a son called Archie Heaton, on May 19, 2014.

Archie was born in England, yet he is of a multiracial background.

Because of his parent’s stellar namesake, he was given a leg up in the world.

His primary London residence is with his mother, Akiko Matsuura, a woman he met when she was a teenager and began seeing a man named Charlie.

This is the father of Archie Heaton.

Charlie Heaton, an established English actor and dancer, grew up in West Yorkshire.

He’s been active in a variety of activities since he was a young adult, first playing tennis and soccer, then switching to dance and acting.
He’s well-versed in many sports and is a true sportsman.

When he joined the band Comanche at the tender age of 16, he knew he had to get to London.

He spent over a year as a band member, during which time he went on several tours.
He played the drums.

Near this time, he met Akiko Matsuura, his future ex-wife, and she joined the group.

A decision to become an actor came to him after some reflection, and he made his debut in the industry with a role in the short film Life Requires Courage.

Then he got a job on the TV show DCI Banks.

He played Gary McCready in several shows in 2015.

Charlie’s acting skills are quite versatile.

Charlie’s acting chops have been on full display in a number of films and TV shows.

So far, we’ve only covered a small subset of these films and TV shows.

Archie Heaton’s social media profiles

Unfortunately, Archie Heaton is still too young to manage his own social media accounts.

Neither of Archie Heaton’s parents has made an account for him under their own names on any social media site, therefore he does not currently have an official presence there.

Archie Heaton’s Relatives

Archie Heaton’s dad, Charlie Heaton, had a part in the Netflix original series Stranger Things.
British and Japanese heritage can be found in Archie Heaton’s family tree.

His father works in the entertainment industry, and his mother has always put a smile on people’s faces with her singing and percussion skills.

Net Worth

Although Archie Heaton does not have any money of his own, his father, Charlie Heaton, is worth more than $4 million.

It has also been rumored that his mother, Akiko Matsuura, is a millionaire.

If his parents are wealthy more than $5 million, it’s only fair to assume that he inherited all of it.

Archie Heaton’s birthdate and ages are listed.

On May 19, 2014, Archie Heaton was born, making him 8 years old.

Even though he is still a minor, his parents, especially his father, have helped him achieve greater fame.