Home Biography Charles Barkley family: wife, daughter, parents, siblings

Charles Barkley family: wife, daughter, parents, siblings

Charles Barkley family: wife, daughter, parents, siblings

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Christiana Barkley)In spite of his so-called “parade” around him, Charles Barkley is not an arrogant celebrity. He is a good son, husband, father and brother. Let’s look at his family members!

Charles Barkley wife

When a woman has everything, she can spend some part of her time and wealth for charity. Maureen Blumhardt- Barkley is a woman of that kind. As for now, she is an activist of the Fresh Women’s Foundation. The main aim of the foundation is to support an unprivileged category of women and help them get education and job.

Maureen was born in 1960 in New York. In her young years she dreamed to be an actress, but couldn’t become successful in that area. She was an occasional model too.

In late 1980s Maureen met Charles Barkley, then NBA all-star player. The couple got acquainted in a restaurant. Charles fell in love with a beautiful blonde and they started dating. They wedded in 1989 and have been together since then. The couple has a daughter Christina.

Charles Barkley kids

Christina is the only kid of a basketball legend Charles Barkley and his wife Maureen Blumhardt. She was born that very year her parents tied a knot. That time Barkley family resided in Scottsdale (Arisona). Till now her famous father owns a mansion there. Later the girl moved to New York.

Christina was educated at Villanova University. Then she studied journalism at Columbia University. Currently she serves as a sales assistant in a media company “Turner Sports”

Christina is not married. She doesn’t share details of her personal life, so it’s not publicized, if she is dating anyone.

Charcey Glenn died in 2015 at the age of 73. The reason of her death was kidney disease. She spent not too long but conscious life, full of great events. The woman, who is remembered by her friends as an easy-going and kind person, was born in 1942 in the family of Charles Gaiter and Johnnie Mickens. She studied at Moton High School. In her 20s she met Frank Barkley and married him. The couple gave a birth to 4 sons, and two of them preceded Charcey in death. It was she, who gave a birth a legendary basketball player and TNT sports analytic Charles Barkley.

She did a lot of kind good things during the years of her life. The woman was involved into a number of charity organizations.

Charcey passed away peacefully in her big house in Leeds, surrounded by her sons, daughters-in-law and 6 granddaughters.

Frank Barkley (father)

The father plays an important part in life of almost each athlete. Surely, you’ve heard numerous times from famous sportsmen‘s, that their dads introduced them to a certain kind of sports and coached them on a regular basis.

But in case of Frank and Charles Barkley, they couldn’t boast with long hours of sports workouts, which they spent together. In fact, Frank left the family, when Charles was a kid. From that time he didn’t support his ex-wife and sons financially, and Barkley family was very poor.

Frank re-married and spent all his time and money for his new spouse and kids. He came to Charles Barkley, when his son had already become a sports star. And that hurt the boy, who needed the father during the years of his poor childhood. And he came, when the fuss around his talented son had already started.

At first Charles couldn’t accept his father into his life again. But later they reconciled. Frank Barkley gave an interview to Roy Firestone, the talk show host. He told that he regretted he wasn’t close with his sons with Charcey Glenn in their early years.

Darryl Barkley (brother)

Date of birth: November 9, 1966

Date of death: March 20, 2009

Darryl is Charles Barkley’s younger brother. He was born in Leeds and spent a whole life there. He was married and had a daughter Daryl-Marie Barkley. Unfortunately, Darryl was a dependant person. He used alcohol and drugs, and it caused severe heart problems. In 2003 the man passed through heart transplantation, and it gave him 6 extra years of life. During these years Darryl created a charity foundation “Heart Change” to support people in similar situation. But his bad habits led him to a fast end. He passed away at the age of 42.

Rennie Barkley (brother)

He was one of 4 sons of Charcey Glenn and Frank Barkley, who died during infancy.


Fans know him as a super-talented athlete, who played for NBA during 16 years and retired in 2000 with a string of honors and titles, such as All-Star MVP, which he got at the age of 18, Most Valuable Player – at the age of 20 etc. In 2006 he was included in Basketball Hall of Fame.

Charles Wade was born in 1963 in Leeds, AL. He was raised by a single mother together with his two brothers. The childhood of a future basketball star was very poor. Charles suffered from extra weight in his early years, but he put lots of efforts to cope with this problem. Charles attended Leeds High School and played for the school basketball team. At first nobody paid attention to a stout teenager, but then he defeated Bobby Lee Hurt, the most scouted player in Alabama, and it was his winning ticket. “In spite of his stature, Charles moves like a wind”, his first coach told.

Barkley continued playing, while studying at Auburn University. In 1984 he was drafted by Philadelphia 76ers.

During the years of his career Charles performed for Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. After retirement he continued his career as a sports analyst on TNT. Currently he works in the program “Inside the NBA”.

Interesting and fun facts

He has several nicknames – “Sir Charles”, “Chuck” etc.
In 2002 he authored a memoir book “I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It”
He hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live 19th season. Nirvana made music for the show at that time and several stars of 1990s, such as Muggsy Bogues and Skid Row, attended it.
Charles Barkley was arrested for driving under influence in 2008.
He spent about $10 million during several years, playing gamble games.
He is a big fan of a rapper Tupac.