Chris Brown’s parents: Meet Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins

With his sweet melodious voice and outstanding dancing skills, the Virginia native, Chris Brown age 33 has remained in the limelight since 2005 when he made his breakthrough in the music industry.

Clinton and Joyce, both Americans, were once upon a time a beloved couple who put to birth the entertainer with numerous careers as an actor, songwriter, and R&B singer, Chris Brown who through his talent has made the lives of people a memorable one. The ex-couple first welcomed their first child and daughter, Lytrell Bundy on November 28, 1981, in Tappahannock, Virginia, in the United States. Lytrell aged 41 is currently a banker and medical practitioner. On May 5, 1989, they welcomed their youngest child and only son Christopher Maurice Brown professionally known as Chris Brown. The 33-year-old has been active, especially with his music career from 2005 to date, and has received several accolades for his good works.

The duo at a time when the Run It hitmaker was still young divorced due to Clinton, Chris’s dad’s abusive behavior towards his wife by then.

Though they’re no longer together, they’re still recognized as the music star’s beloved parents.

Who is Clinton Brown?

Clinton Brown, Chris’s dad, is known to be a former corrections officer at a local prison. There’s seldom any information about his personal life including his age, children, parents, and education.

Who is Joyce Hawkins?

The beloved mother of The King of R&B is Joyce Hawkins. She is a former daycare center director and presently an entrepreneur. The celebrity mom owns the clothing company, Rose Marron. She was born on October 7, 1964, in the United States. Though she got divorced from Chris’s dad, Clinton, the duo co-parented their two children. She’s the grandmother of the music star’s three children, Lovely Symphani Brown, Royalty Brown, and Aeko Catori Brown.