Home Biography Christopher Harvest – Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Weight, Instagram

Christopher Harvest – Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Weight, Instagram

Christopher Harvest – Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Weight, Instagram

In the past, Vivica A. Fox was married to actor Christopher Harvest.
Fox, the ex-wife of Harvest, is a movie star who made her name in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off, both of which were huge commercial successes.
Vivica’s role as Vernita Green in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 made her a household name.

There were roughly four years of marriage between Harvest and Vivica.
The actress’s Cinderella-like romance turned out to be too demanding and too one-sided.
Sadly, the couple’s romance fizzled out, and Chris became just another Hollywood tourist.

How did Christopher Harvest Met Vivica?

What Harvest did before he married Vivica Fox is just as much of a mystery as how he met her.
In fact, nobody knows anything about the ex-husband of the actress, not even his date of birth.
One would assume that Harvest is simply another forgotten figure who gained fame as a result of an association with a famous actor or actress.

Some people have speculated that he was a college athlete due to his extraordinary stature.
Nonetheless, that has almost none support at this time.


Christopher is now a public figure because of his marriage to the now-divorced Vivica Fox.
American Vivica A. Fox is a renowned performer, producer, and TV personality.
His age is a mystery, however his ex-wife is 57 years old.
He is a professional vocalist and is well-known in his field.

Vivica Fox, his ex-wife, introduced her to Soul Train.
Beginning her career in 1988 on the daytime soap series Days of Our Lives, she then appeared opposite Patti LaBelle in the NBC comedy Out All Night (1992–1993).
Why Do Fools Fall in Love was a romantic drama film she appeared in alongside Lela Rochon, Larenz Tate, and Halle Berry that same year.
She debuted in the film industry in 1996 with roles in two major hits: Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off.
Moreover, she has been recognized with numerous awards.
She won the award for Best Actress in a Black Film for her performance in Soul Food (1997).
As part of the cast of Independence Day: Resurgence, she was considered for a CinemaCon Award in the category of “Ensemble of the Universe” in 2016.

Christopher Harvest’s Initial Introduction to Vivica.

Vivica states in her book “Every day I’m Hustling” that the date was the 16th of December in 1996.
The actress says she recently returned to Los Angeles after filming the drama Soul Food.
Vivica says that in order to properly celebrate her return home, she and her girlfriends went out to the Beverly Hills bar Bar One.

A six-foot-nine man walks up to them as they’re hanging out and catching up on one other’s life stories.
To which his future wife replied, “Yeah,” revealing that the man was in fact Harvest.

Despite being flattered, Vivica told her brother, “You’re a warm brother.
sorry to go so soon, but I have to get going.
She stepped away from him onto the dance floor.
While Fox was chatting with another person, Chris stepped outside and bought twenty roses.
None the less, Harvest intervened, and he began presenting Vivica with those twenty flowers, one by one.
The star of Soul Food says it had been a long time since she’d been wooed, so the attempt was successful.

Height, Weight, and Appearances

This singer is of average build and looks good for his or her age.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any reliable information about his stature.
His hair and eyes are both black, which is all that is known about his looks.
When he and his ex-wife Vivica A. Fox first started making public appearances as a married couple, he was noticeably more beautiful and in better shape than she was.

Current Relationship Status

For the time being, Christopher Harvest is a single man.
He was formerly wed to Vivica A. Fox, an actress and TV host.
On December 19, 1998, the couple exchanged wedding vows.
However, the couple divorced and went their own ways in 2002.
His present relationship status is shrouded in mystery, as he seems to be attempting to avoid the spotlight.

Net Worth

Christopher could have made a fortune in his line of business.
However, he has not disclosed his income or assets to the public.
As of the year 2021, his ex-financial wife has amassed a net worth of roughly $6 million thanks to her stellar work choices.

Online Networks, or “Social Media”

When discussing his social media accounts, such as Instagram, it should be noted that his profile does not have the verified sign.
As of October 2021, he has 779 followers on his single Instagram account, which goes by the name “@mrwavey67.”
In the celebrity world, he likes to keep up with Uche Mba, Floyd Mayweather, Polo Molina, and others.
Wikipedia, often known as a wiki, does not include his biography on its site.
His full biography has not been shared as of now.
He is currently unavailable on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
To contact Harvest, however, write to [email protected] with any business-related questions.