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In 2016, a video of an elderly guy named Dennis Tissington shattering the windows of a specific Damian Dallyn’s automobile went viral on the internet, propelling him to internet fame.
While reports of his death surfaced recently, the circumstances surrounding his purported demise remain murky, and his loved ones have not yet confirmed their veracity.

Wrong Reasons Made Dennis Tissington Famous

Before a video of Dennis James Tissington went viral in August 2016, many people had no idea such a person existed.
Breaking car windows during an altercation with a man named Damian Dallyn is captured on tape.
Meanwhile, in Alberta, Canada, in Grande Prairie, an incident occurred.

It came as a shock that a man of his advanced age (he was 67 at the time) would act in such a bizarre manner.
A lot of people were curious about Dennis as a result of this, but almost little is known about him beyond the fact that he worked at a home building company in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, as reported by CTV News.

The footage that shot him to fame was shot by Damian Dallyn, whose car windows he shattered, and released online.
After the altercation, Dallyn told CTV News that he had been arguing with Dennis Tissington’s step-son Tyler Stojan about a landscaping issue on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Dennis approached Damian, who was sitting in his parked car by the roadside, brandishing a baton.
The former began recording at this time using his mobile device.
“You’re going to be in the hospital if you don’t get out of here,” Dennis warns Damian.
Soon after, he uses the baton to smash the front driver’s side window and the back passenger window.

We Do Not Know If Dennis Was Sentenced to Jail for the Assault That Occurred

Grande Prairie RCMP reportedly informed CTV News that they initially received a call about the incident at around 4:30 p.m. on the day it occurred.
This led to the mischief charges being brought against Dennis Tissington.

But the victim he assaulted, Damian Dallyn, wasn’t happy with the outcome and insisted that further charges of weapon possession and assault be filed.
There was widespread disapproval of the allegation throughout many online communities, with many users agreeing with Damian that the penalty was too low.

The court date for Tissington’s case was October 3, 2016, but we still don’t know what happened.
In 2020, redditors were discussing “the crazy boomer” and many of them were hoping for an update.
Inconveniently, no one seemed to know anything about that.

A member of the platform (imthefrizzlefry) responded to a user’s claim that boomers control the industry and rarely face legal consequences by saying, “…you are right, he got off with a slap on the wrist and basically permission to do it again.”
There won’t be any jail time.

In 2022, there were reports of Dennis Tissington’s death.

The death of Dennis Tissington was said to have occurred in jail in January 2022, only six years after the crime.
But as of yet, neither a reputable website nor a member of his family have corroborated the rumors.

It appears that the rumor is completely false at this time.
Since no one has heard from the elderly man since the viral car-window-smashing video of 2016 became viral, this could be an attempt by the rumor’s originator to get Dennis or his family to discuss the old man and the act that brought him to public attention.

If he really died, he would have to have been over the age of 70.

Dennis was reportedly 67 years old in August of 2016, when his video became viral.
So, he was probably born in 1949.
He would have been 73 years old if he had actually passed away in January 2022, as was widely reported at the time.

It would be comforting to learn if Dennis is still very much alive and healthy, yet it would be wonderful to obtain some clarifications from Dennis or his family as to whether he is actually dead or not.