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Everything to Know About Halsey’s Dad

Everything to Know About Halsey’s Dad

Chris Frangipane is a former car salesman and the father of Halsey, the popular American singer whose real name is Ashley Nicollette Frangipane. Halsey’s dad is also a father to two sons, Sevian and Dante Frangipane, who are all younger than Halsey. Though Chris fell out with his musician daughter during her teen, they are now best friends.

Alongside his wife, Nicole Frangipane, Chris had to drop out of school to take care of his family. His early years as a family man entailed moving from one location to another, searching for greener pasture. However, he seems to be enjoying the fruits of his hard labor as his daughter has grown to become a huge success in the music industry.


Full NameChris Frangipane
EthnicityMixed (African-American and Irish)
Zodiac SignLibra
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Chris Frangipane’s Husband (Wife)Nicole Frangipane
Chris Frangipane’s ChildrenAshley, Sevian, and Dante Frangipane
Chris Frangipane’s ParentsJames Frangipane
Chris Frangipane’s Height 5’5″
Famous ForBeing the father of Halsey
Chris Frangipane’s Instagram@cfrange03

What is Chris Frangipane’s Ethnicity?

Chris Frangipane’s ethnicity is a mixture of American-African and Irish. Perhaps because he isn’t a mainstream celebrity, Chris Frangipane’s exact birth year has never been mentioned in the public arena. However, going by the content of an Insta Story from his daughter, Halsey, the patriarch of the Frangipane family is slowly inching towards his fifties.

We must acknowledge that Chris celebrates his birthday every 26th of September, and speculations from the internet space have pegged his year of birth between 1972 and 1974. Talking about his place of birth, Mr. Frangipane was born in the United States of America, precisely in Edison, New Jersey. This makes him an American national, but the man’s ethnicity is mixed. The car salesman spent his formative years in his birthplace.

Who are Chris Frangipane’s Parents and Siblings?

Chris Frangipane’s father has been accurately identified as James Frangipane, who earned a living in a mundane job as a car mechanic. Reports said Chris shared a close affinity with James, which informed his interest in automobiles from a very young age. Unfortunately, James passed on in 2011 – a significant loss to the Frangipane clan.

This piece of info was shared by Sevian Frangipane, Chris’ first son. The available details said the senior Frangipane died an octogenarian. On the other hand, Chris’s mum is still very much alive. The matriarch of the Frangipane family (name withheld) earned her keep working at one of their local primary schools in New Jersey as a classroom teacher.

She is still a resident of New Jersey and helped give her granddaughter, Halsey, shelter after her parents booted her for dropping out of school. Chris is believed to have grown up with some siblings, but there is no information about them.

Chris Frangipane’s Education Was At Fairleigh Dickinson University

There is a dearth of information on Chris Frangipane’s early academic history, but going by the available tidbits, the New Jersey native was a sport stand out during his days in high Scholl. He was not only good at football, but Chris also experimented with soccer and basketball.

The name of his high school has never been mentioned, but Frangipane graduated with his mates and proceeded to Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, to satisfy his quest for further academic qualifications.

Things didn’t initially go as planned for Chris Frangipane as he had to quit school after his girlfriend, Nicole, got in the family way. Despite taking a long hiatus from studies, the father of three still returned to Fairleigh Dickinson University to bag his first degree in 1997.

Halsey’s Dad Worked in the Automobile Industry For Several Years

As aforementioned, Frangipane has always been interested in automobiles though the New Jersey native also had dreams of making it big as a musician or an actor. However, his unexpected fatherhood at an early age changed all his plans for the future, though he still got the opportunity to explore his love of cars by working in the automobile dealership industry.

His career history shows that the father of three worked in three different companies in his capacity as a car sales manager. Chris Frangipane kick-started his career in 2003 as a sales manager at Ayers Chevrolet. He spent a decade in the company from 2003 (December) to 2013 (October). One month after leaving Ayers Chevrolet, Chris scored another sales manager job in East Hanover, New Jersey, precisely at Prestige Volvo.

His hiring date was November 2013, and he stayed with the company till March 2015 before moving on to greener pastures. Chris’ last known place of work was Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC, located in both Washington and New Jersey. Resuming in April 2015, the father of three was enlisted as the general sales manager, an elevation from his previous positions.

Chris eventually spent a couple of years with the automobile company, exiting in April 2017. Since he left Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC, Chris Frangipane seems not to be interested in that kind of work again. The father of one of the most famous musicians in America is currently living in California, where he is believed to be enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Chris Frangipane Met His Wife During His College Days

Chris Frangipane had his first and only encounter with love at a very young age. When he met and fell in love with his life partner, Nicole, he was still a college student. The duo soon became college sweethearts, but that experience soon prematurely sent them out of college. Nicole’s discovery that she was in the family way had both of them quitting school to look for means of sustenance for their child.

It goes without saying that it was only odd jobs that were available to them, but they had no choice but to take what was offered. The duo eventually wedded, and their situation also meant hard times and constant move from one location to another in search of greener pastures. At some point, Nicole took a job as a security personnel. It was not until 2015 that Chris could finally afford his own house.

In addition to experiencing untold difficulties in marriage, Chris and Nicole’s union is an interracial one with its accompanying difficulties. According to Halsey’s descriptions, her parent’s marriage was far from happy during those early days. However, they continued to persevere, and today, they are among the few that have taken matrimony to two decades and counting.

Who is Chris Frangipane’s wife, Nicole?

Nicole is an American national but mixed ethnicity of Irish, Hungarian, and Italian. The mother of three seems to have locked up the details of her life and thrown away the keys. However, we know that she also attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she met her husband. Nicole has been reported to have bipolar disorder – a condition that she passed on to Halsey. Presently, she is engaged at the security department of a health facility.

Halsey is Chris Frangipane’s Only Daughter

Born on the 29th of September 1994, Ashley Nicolette Frangipan is the first child and only daughter born to Chris Frangipan and his wife, Nicole. Because her parents were constantly on the move during her formative years, Ashley or Halsey, as her stage name says, passed through several schools.

Notable among them is Warren Hills Regional High School, where the blossoming artist graduated in 2012. Like her mum, Ashley also has bipolar disorder, which led the young artist to attempt suicide at age 17.

Enrolling into Rhode Island School of Design, the first child of the Frangipan family decided to quit college and focus on building a career in the music industry. Today, the youngster is recognized as a vocalist, songwriter, and activist.

At 17, Ashley started releasing tracks on social media platforms before becoming a signee of Astralwerks in 2014. Before the year ran out, the up-and-coming star dropped her debut extended play, Room 93, which was succeeded by her first studio album, entitled Badlands, in 2015.

A couple of years later, she dropped her second studio album 2017, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Her most recent studio album is Manic, which hit the music stand in 2020. This became her best-selling album on an international scale to date. Ashley is also a Grammy Nominee.

Sevian Frangipane is Chris Frangipane’s First Son

The second child of Chris Frangipan and Nicole came four years after Ashley was born. Sevian Frangipan announced his entrance in May 1998. Chris’ first son passed through Hackettstown High School, and upon graduation, he joined California State University to study Business Management. Sevian, who is his father’s exact copy, became a university graduate in 2020.

Sevian’s career path is not specified, but the young Frangipan is active on several social media platforms, especially Instagram. He is an activist and leverages his socials to fight against racism. Sevian has also participated in protests against racial discrimination. He seems close to his big sis, Ashley, who has constantly displayed pride in having a little brother like him through her Insta Stores.

Chris Frangipane’s Second Son is Dante Frangipane

Dante Frangipane is the last of the Frangipane brood. He came to complete the family in March 2005, making him younger than Sevian by seven years. Dante is 18 years old, and going by available info, he does not live a public life. At this stage, he is supposed to go through high school, but the name of his academic institution has never been mentioned.

What Type of Relationship Does Chris Frangipane Have with His Children?

As a struggling father trying his best to take care of his family at a very young age, Chris Frangipane only wanted to be a good father figure for his children. However, as they started growing into adulthood, the father of three began to experience some significant clash of interest with the kids, especially Ashley.

Though they may seem to have a great affinity presently, the relationship between Chris Frangipane and his first child, Ashley, wasn’t always good. It got so bad that the young musician was booted out of the family home during her teens. After Halsey became famous, the media and the general public went to dig out the dirt in her past.

Needless to say, they soon stumbled on the part where she was forced to leave home as an underage girl. Speculations soon began to run rife about why her parents saw the need to send her out of their home. According to some sources, their investigations revealed that she was into illegal substances, and when asked to quit the bad habit, the upcoming star refused, leading Chris and Nicole to send her out of their home.

Another version of the story says Halsey was already over the top as a teen and was just busy inking her body with tattoos. Debunking the speculations from the media, Chris Frangipane’s daughter said she was only booted out for dropping out of college; it had nothing to do with substance abuse.

The singer went to stay with grandma Frangipane during her days away from home, and she also put up with some close friends. On the other hand, Chris and his younger children have never had any serious clashes to date. Even if they did, it might not be well-publicized as the two boys live a private life.

Presently, Chris Frangipane Seems to be Halsey’s Best Friend

With time, Christ started supporting Halsey with her music, and before long, father and daughter figured out ways of giving each other second chances. They mended fences and emerged as the best of friends on the other side.

According to Ashely, she shared a joke with her dad at the onset of her music career that whenever she got an invite to the Grammys, her dad would tag along as her date. That particular joke came to pass during the 2017 Grammy Award ceremony when Chris Frangipane escorted Ashley to the event.

Not only with Chris, but Ashley has also been severally spotted at award shows, events, and ceremonies with both parents. The youngster even credited Chris for being huge support both during her growing up years and in her career as a singer. According to Ashley, her dad provided all their needs, always looking for a better job to take adequate care of his family.

Since she came into her own, the American singer now reciprocates by posting nice things about her parents on social media. Ashley acquired a $2.23 million abode in the Hollywood Hills and another $2.4 million house in Sherman Oaks, California. It is not stated whether Chris and the rest of her family live in any of these luxury homes, but going by her dad’s LinkedIn info, he is now a resident of Greater Los Angeles.

Halsey’s Dad Has Presence on Social Media

Though his account is private, Chris Frangipane can be found on the picture-sharing platform @cfrange03. Even with his account shielded from public view, the New Jersey native has accumulated over 262 followers and still counting.

Chris seems to be distinct from other parents of celebs who need no invitation to capitalize on their children’s popularity to get a piece of public attention. Instead, he seems satisfied with the behind-the-scene roles as a proud dad. You only get to see him in public when he comes along as Halsey’s date for award nights.

Unlike Chris Frangipane, his two grown children are making waves on Instagram. While Halsey has 30 million followers down and counting, Sevian Frangipane has crossed 60k and is fast inching towards 70k.