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George Devin Millar-Age, Bio, Wiki, Weight Height, Net Worth, Who

Who is George Devin Millar?

Moose is a famous American YouTuber, gamer, and Instagram celebrity.

His wit, humor, and unique skills have earned him a reputation as a comedy writer.

As a result of his exceptional intelligence, he enjoys widespread acclaim.

You’ll be able to spot him in advertising campaigns very soon.

He is not only a talented actor, but also a viral sensation on the social media platform Instagram.

He has collaborated with a wide range of other artists to create some very remarkable recordings.

We’ll give you the rundown on him.

Explore his biography, history, and genealogy on Wikipedia to learn everything there is to know about him.


Full NameGeorge Devin Millar
Born Date21 Nov, 1997
Age26 years (2023)
CountryUnited States
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Net Worth$3 million


The user name “MooseCraft” is a YouTube channel dedicated to American Minecraft content created by “Moose”.
In addition to his YouTube account, he also has Roblox and traditional channels.
He only has half of his ten channels working.

When he was 14, he created his first YouTube channel, Moose (then called Mau5Craft).
On June 17, 2013, the first video was uploaded.
On September 29, 2015, he unveiled MooseCraft to the world.
FavreMySabre, 09sharkboy, UnspeakableGaming, jaybull, and ItsMeCyclone are just few of the people he has worked with.

He had previously worked at Proper Productions, the company behind the Properd and Dummies YouTube channels.
He quit because of UnspeakableGaming.
The Moose Army are his devoted followers.
He co-founded The Squad alongside UnspeakableGaming and 09sharkboy.
Together with two YouTuber buddies, he owned two separate Minecraft servers.
He and The Squad make vlogs about their gaming sessions, with titles like “I poured 1,000 pounds of slime in my pool.”

Moose has amassed 1.73 million followers on YouTube.
On June 25, 2017, he released MoosePlays.
UnspeakableGaming and Shark were on his Minecraft Pocket Edition team.
He also hosts the user-generated content channel TeamMoose Fortnite Shorts, as well as the MooseRoleplays, MooseBlox ROBLOX, Moose Mods, Life of Moose (In Real Life), Moose, and Moose and Lucy channels.

His closest pals, including UnspeakableGaming, 09SharkBoy, PrestonPlayz, and others, all contribute to MooseCraft.
Minigames, Childcare, Servers, and Survival in Minecraft are just some of the topics covered in these videos.
Moosecraft is seen by more than 4.31 million people every month.

Every day, he uploads a new Minecraft Mod video featuring the Moose and Cyclone on his channel, MooseMods.
Videos like Minecraft and other kid-friendly titles can be found on this channel.
To ensure that his viewers have a good time watching his movies, he makes them interesting, pleasant, and humorous.
Their subscriber count is at 1.19 million.
The Crazy Roblox videos created by Moose Roblox are now available for public consumption.

There are 2,620,000 people that subscribe to MooseReacts on YouTube.
He’s also doing well on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook.
Shirts and stuffed animals bearing his design can be purchased from his retail store.

1,2 million TikTok fans and 15.8 million thumbs ups.
There are 428k followers and 753 posts on his @itsmoosecraft Instagram account.

Physical Appearance

Kevin O’Reilly is his real name.

He’s cute and savvy.

People flocked to him in droves to hear him speak.

About 5 feet 9 inches tall, he has a weight of 75 kilograms.

Lean Body Mass was awarded to him.
Have brown hair and blue eyes.

Girlfriend, Dating

Moose might currently be seeing a woman who goes by the Instagram handle @ajla brama.
But he hasn’t shown her any photos yet.
He used to identify the female in the videos as his girlfriend, but now he can’t find her profile.
He does, however, regularly upload gaming-related content, such as “My GIRLFRIEND Fell in LOVE with a GHOST! (Minecraft)” and “20 Ways to PRANK my GIRLFRIEND in Minecraft!”

The gaming YouTuber celebrity has also avoided controversy by staying out of the news.
Despite this, he continues to have a good reputation on social media.

Net Worth

Moose’s various YouTube channels have earned him a substantial income thanks to his growing popularity among YouTube’s video-sharing community.
Therefore, in January of 2023, he will be $3 million richer.
In addition, he makes money off of the anticipated ad revenue from this channel on YouTube.

Facts About Moose

Over a hundred thousand people follow him on Instagram.

Gaming videos he has made have made him famous.
9+ million people subscribe to his channels on YouTube.

A variety of brands are underwritten by him.
Various muses have joined forces with him.

He is also a tiktok creator with over 600,000 listeners on his record.