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Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay and Does He Have A Girlfriend or Partner?

Nicholas Galitzine, to the best of our knowledge, is not gay. People only think he is gay because of how well he has portrayed queer roles in movies such as Handsome Devil and The Craft: Legacy. There is also the fact that he is not known to have a romantic partner. All this has fueled the speculations about him being a closeted gay, but there is no confirmation of that.

Despite the rumors about his sexuality and love life, Nicholas Galitzine has not seen the need to put forwards the facts. The British actor and singer belong to the group of celebrated figures who prefer to keep their private life away from the public.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay?

Nicholas Galitzine is not gay, or at least we don’t think he is. There is a reasonable ground for believing that the actor is not gay. Sometime in July 2019, when he had an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Nicholas Galitzine shared that the crush he had on a girl led to his acting career. According to him, the girl was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was among the performers. He went to the festival so he could pursue her but fell in love with acting thanks to the performances he saw there.

Based on the above, we can assert that Nicholas Galitzine is not gay. If he is queer, then he is most likely bisexual. The fact of the matter is that he is not gay, and his sexual identity is not known to the public. The notion that he is sexually attracted to his gender stems from the queer roles he has portrayed as an actor. Apparently, the actor portrayed the characters so well that it left people vowing he is gay.

His Roles in Handsome Devil and The Craft: Legacy are the Reason People Think He’s Gay

Relatively a newbie in the movie industry, Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine began his acting career in 2014 when he played Tom in The Beat Beneath My Feet alongside Luke Perry. After this, he played Johnnie Blackwell in High Strung, a 2016 American drama film directed by Michael Damian. In the movie, he plays a British violinist who is the boyfriend of Keenan Kampa’s character named Ruby. So, no one had reasons to question his sexuality because of his movie roles until Handsome Devil was released.

Also a 2016 production, Handsome Devil is an Irish comedy-drama film that John Butler wrote and directed. The movie starred Nicholas Galitzine alongside Fionn O’Shea and Andrew Scott as Connor Masters. As the movie features themes of homosexuality which to some extent revolves around Galitzine’s character, it was a chance for the British actor to showcase his acting skills, and he lived up to the expectations. His portrayal of a closeted gay star rugby player at an all-boys boarding school in Ireland was so convincing that people began asking questions about his sexual orientation in real life.

But in the years that followed, Nicholas Galitzine was seen as Angelo in Legends, Mark Fleming in The Watcher in the Woods, Sorensen Carlisle in The Changeover, A.J. in Share, and Elliott Lefevre in Chambers. None of these roles raised further questions about his sexuality until he was seen as Timmy Andrews in The Craft: Legacy. Also known as Blumhouse’s The Craft: Legacy, the 2020 supernatural horror film portrays Galitzine’s character as bisexual. The movie, written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, rekindled the quest to figure out Nicholas Galitzine’s sexuality in real life.

What Has Nicholas Galitzine Said about the Gay Rumors

Nicholas Galitzine has not responded to the rumors about him being gay. As detailed above, this rumor has been following him since he played Connor Masters in Handsome Devil. With the rate at which it has been circulated online, one would have thought that the actor would address the rumors and put the fact of the matter forward. But for reasons that are best known to him, he has chosen to completely ignore the rumors.

Nicholas Galitzine’s decision not to dismiss or refute the claims about his sexuality is probably rooted in the fact that he owes no one any explanation. It is his personal life, and he reserves the right to live it in whichever way he deems fit. That being said, it is also possible that he has not said anything about this because he enjoys his privacy and wants to direct all attention he gets to his career and not to his private life. If this is the case, then it is only right that Galitzine has not made any move to put these rumors to rest.

When the rumors resurfaced with his bisexual role as Timmy Andrews in The Craft: Legacy, the British actor also ignored it and has kept at it to date. As the world has grown socially tolerant, the possibility that the actor is gay and keeping it away from the public to protect his career is also out of the question. The simple fact is that he acts for a living and would portray every role he lands to the best of his ability to push his career forward.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating Anyone?

Nicholas Galitzine is not dating anyone now, to the best of public knowledge. This fact, of course, is part of the reasons why the gay rumors about him have sustained over the years. Male or female, the British actor has never been romantically linked to anyone since he came into the limelight. While some people are eager to believe that this is so because he is sexually queer, it is also possible that the actor wants to keep his private life private.

It is now widely believed that Nicholas Galitzine is single and not in a relationship, but that’s not necessarily true. For all we know, he has a romantic partner but has taken great care to keep it a secret. Given that the entertainment industry is notorious for failed relationships, it is not hard to see why performers might desire to keep the media and the public at large away from what goes on in their private lives.