Is Thomas Sanders gay? What is his net worth and life history

Thomas Sanders is the most successful influencer in the Vine app’s history. He got fame from making YouTube series titled Sanders Sides and the Vine series called Narrating People’s Lives or Storytime. Is Thomas Sanders gay? The American actor, singer, and writer played gay, bisexual, and straight characters. In June 2017, he admitted being gay in his video, Having Pride. Sanders got 8.3 million subscribers on Vine by January 2017. Some prominent television shows like The View and Ellen DeGeneres Show called him for interviews. The celebrity shifted to YouTube when Vine closed, and he is now on every social platform, including TikTok. Thomas Sanders’ social media profiles have millions of followers.


Full nameThomas Foley Sanders
Date of birth24th April 1989
Age34 years (2023)
CareerActor, singer, and songwriter
Height5 feet 10 inches
Net worth$3 million to $5 million
Facebook@Thomas Sanders
YouTubeThomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders’ biography

Thomas Foley Sanders was born on 24th April 1989 in Gainesville, Florida, USA, to an Irish Catholic mother and an American father. His elder siblings are Patrick and Christian, while his younger sibling is Shae.
The celebrity’s family is immensely talented, and they have a close relationship. Foley’s parents were teachers. He lives in Gainesville, where he also grew up. Thomas Sanders’ height is 5 feet 10 inches.

Is Thomas Sanders married?

Thomas Sanders sexuality is an open book, but his love life is still a mystery to his fans. The celebrity does not have a spouse. So, who is Thomas Sanders’ boyfriend? Foley has never publicly disclosed his boyfriend or girlfriend.

He might have been in relationships in the past, is single, or seeing someone. Does Thomas Sanders have a child? The celebrity does not have a child. His song, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, is not a dedication to a baby but a lover.

Thomas Sanders’ career

He started acting in theatre and singing while attending Kanapaha Middle School in Gainesville. Foley joined Gainesville Community Playhouse in the same year he joined the University of Florida located in his hometown.

He combined acting in theatre and chemical engineering studies while in college. Foley won three Golden Apples from GCP productions. He performed in many theatre shows, including Hot Mikado (2007), The Producers (2010), Anything Goes (2011), Into the Woods, Les Misérables, and Singing in the Rain.

Thomas Sanders’ Vines’ success story

His friend, Antonio Romero, introduced him to the Vine app. He also helped Foley record and upload short videos centred on real-life events like parties. Foley later started making scripted videos.

Fans nicknamed him Storytime guy when the Narrating People’s Lives series went viral on Vine. He added more series like Disney’s Pranks with Friends, Stewie vs. Herbert, and Pokemon Pranks. When Foley hit a million subscribers in December 2013, he hired Matt Hogan as his producer and manager.

He quit the daytime job at an engineering firm to focus on making Vine videos and acting in theatre at night. The celebrity released his first EP of Christmas songs in the same month. When Foley became a star in Israel and Australia, his high school drama teachers used his Vine series in teaching.

Meanwhile, he made more videos in collaboration with other celebrities for his YouTube channel. Viners and YouTubers like Hannah Hart and Ben J. Pierce are some of the stars who worked with him. In September 2014, Foley started producing Vine monthly compilations.

What movies has Thomas Sanders been in?

Thomas Sanders movies are entertaining. He was a guest actor on a Disney Channel show named Bizaardvark in 2016 and a co-host of the Disney XD special edition called Walk the Prank in the same year. In the following year, Foley co-hosted Walk the Prank with David Lopez.

Thomas Foley as a YouTuber

He focused on building his YouTube career in 2016 since Twitter had announced Vine’s closure in 2017. Foley toured the US cities performing Ultimate Storytime song and released an album in the same year.

He also made YouTube videos playing the same characters that made him a star on Vine. The characters included a teacher, a prince, and a father. Foley featured Lilly Singh in some of his videos.

The YouTuber’s fans baptized him another nickname, Sanders Sides. One of his closest friends named Joan S became a long-term collaborator in the star’s videos. As Sander’s co-writer, she added more funny characters to the comedy.

Thomas Sanders’ gay revelation

In January 2017, Foley ventured into making the Sanders Shorts episodes. He posted them on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Foley made it publicly knows he was gay in one of these episodes.

Foley released his first self-written song, The Things We Used to Share, in July 2017. It talks about his life. Adam Pascal and Jon Cozart are among the people who worked with him on the track. Other Thomas Sanders’ songs include:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Dear Happy
Birds Logic vs. Creativity
Forbidden Fruit
No, Never Yes
Recipe for Me
A Gay Disney Prince

Thomas Foley on TikTok

He had an account on but never used it until it was renamed TikTok. Thomas Sanders’ Tiktok account is doing great, with fans loving the Sanders Shorts videos more and more. The page has 7.8 million followers and 153.7 million likes in June 2021.

Thomas Foley’s awards and net worth

The Vine star got the Streamy and Shorty Awards in 2016 and 2015, respectively. He also won a Shorty Award in the best YouTube comedian category in 2017. The celebrity and Jon Cozart also got a Streamy Award in the best YouTube collaboration section that year.

Foley could not act in Gainesville Community Playhouse or any other theatre for years until December 2019. He managed to perform in GCP production’s Beauty and the Beast in that month.

Thomas Sanders’ net worth is between $3 million and $5 million. You can buy Thomas Sanders’ merchandise on Amazon. What is Thomas Sanders’ number? His number is private information. Please send him a business email via [email protected] and follow his social platforms for details about how to contact him.

Fans no longer ask, “Is Thomas Sanders gay?” because they now know the truth. The celebrity is proud of his sexuality. His successful internet career inspires uprising influencers and content creators to implement smart strategies and work harder. touched on Mia Khalifa’s life. She is a former adult actress, a popular webcam model, and a famous Instagram personality. The internet influencer made a fortune in the adult content industry.

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