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Isabella Pisacane Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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Who is Isabella Pisacane

Isabella Pisacane is the stage name under which she performs professionally in the United States.

You might recognize her from the television show Law and Order: Special Victim Units, where she plays the role of Lara Barassi (2019)

Other important works by Isabella include Catching Up and Off The Beat, both of which were published in 2018, and Daredevil, which was published in 2018. (2019).

It is projected that she will make her debut in the role of Claire Comey in the year 2020 in the condensed version of The Comedy Rule that will air on television.


Isabella Pisacane is an entertainer.

The majority of people believe that she is somewhere in the midst of her 20s at this point.

Despite this, there is no record of either her official age or the date that she was born anywhere on the internet.

Because of her role in the television series Law and Order: Special Victim Units, Isabella has gained a significant amount of notoriety (2019).

In addition to that, she appeared in the well-known drama about a criminal organization playing the part of Lara Barassi.

Net Worth

Find out more about Isabella Pisacane’s career and earnings by reading the report that follows this one. It contains the most recent data available on both topics.

In 2021, Isabella Pisacane’s Total Net Worth was Somewhere Between 1 Million and 5 Million Dollars (Approx.)

Isabella Pisacane Education

Isabella Pisacane’s academic career in high school was marked by success, as evidenced by the fact that she went on to successfully complete her studies at the university level.


There are no indicators that the relationship between Isabella Pisacane and them will get more complicated or cause problems in the near future, and things continue to flow smoothly between the three of them.

In addition to this, they share a deep love and affection for one another.

Facts About Isabella Pisacane

What are your physical dimensions include, along with your height and weight?

Isabella Pisacane has a healthy body weight for her height, which also corresponds to her healthy body dimensions, and she has a healthy height for her body dimensions, which correlate to her healthy body dimensions.

Isabella Pisacane Social Media

Over the past few months, Isabella Pisacane has received a significant amount of attention from various social media platforms. This is primarily attributable to the fact that she has thousands of active followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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