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Lorenza Ochmann is a successful writer, director, and actor of Mexican descent. On April 19th, 1988, she entered the world in Mexico City. Ochmann’s mother, Maria José del Valle Prieto, is also an actress, and her father, Mauricio Ochmann, is also an actor.

Ochmann got her start in show business as a producer for a number of different movies and TV series. In 2018, she wrote the script for the film “Ya Veremos.”

Ochmann has done both acting and backstage duties for several shows. She first debuted on screen in 2009’s “Sólo quiero caminar” and has subsequently made guest appearances in a number of other films and TV shows, such as “La casa de las flores” and “El juego de las llaves.”

Ochmann is a wife and mother of two children of Mexican-American actor Aarón Daz. They are quite open with their social media followers regarding their family life.

As a producer, writer, and actress, Lorenza Ochmann has built a name for herself in Mexico’s thriving film and television business.

Ochmann’s parents, Mauricio Ochmann and Maria José del Valle Prieto, were both actresses, therefore she was exposed to the business from an early age. Her early exposure to the film and TV industries sparked an interest in a career in the industry.

She got her start in the industry producing shows and films in Mexico. The film “Ya Veremos,” released in 2018, was a critical and economic success, and she eventually branched out into writing.

Ochmann has also been in a variety of films and television shows, including as the hit Mexican series “La casa de las flores” and the independent film “Sólo quiero caminar.” Her many roles as an actor have won her praise and solidified her reputation as a talented performer.

Ochmann is a married woman with two children from her marriage to actor Aarón Daz. The couple’s large social media following is fed in part by their regular posts on their family life.

Ochmann’s wealth in 2023 is a mystery. However, given her long and fruitful history in show business, she has probably amassed a large fortune.

Ochmann enjoys a sizable following across multiple social media channels. She is very open about discussing her profession, personal life, and opinions on various political and social problems.

Ochmann’s mother, Mara José del Valle Prieto, was an actress and producer, and her father, Mauricio Ochmann, is a well-known Mexican actor. Without a doubt, Lorenza’s success may be attributed in part to their encouragement and guidance.

Ochmann’s outstanding accomplishments in the entertainment world are a testament to her talent, hard work, and dedication to her profession, but little is known about her academic education.


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