Marcelene Octave-Age, Bio, Wiki, Who, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Children and more

Who is Marcelene Octave ?

Beautiful Marcelene Octave grew up in Haiti, a country in the Caribbean.

Somewhere in the 1990s, she left her impoverished home nation and came to the United States.

It’s not certain if she went to the United States expecting Dieuson Octave (Kodak’s real name).

Indeed, on June 11, 1997, this superhumanly strong woman gave birth to Kodak Black, and she has played the role of both father and mother in his upbringing.

No one knows who his father is, but it’s clear that he left Marcelene while she was pregnant with Kodak Black.

The Early stages

The island of Haiti, where Marcelene was born, is located in the Caribbean.
Nevertheless she has kept her private life and history a mystery.
She has not disclosed any personal details about herself, including her age, birthplace, family composition, or educational attainment.


Marcelene avoided the spotlight for the entirety of her existence.
She was relatively unknown until her son became a household name.
Nonetheless, her professional background and commercial dealings remain a mystery.

Marriage and offspring

Where can I find Marcelene Octave’s spouse?
In other words, Marcelene is currently single.
At the moment, she is not dating anyone.
She was, however, already married to Mr. Octave.
They met and married in Haiti in the 1980s and then moved to the United States in the early 1990s.
Kodak Black’s parents were living the happy married life until the subject of Mr. Octave’s infidelity was brought up.
There are allegations that he left his wife and three children behind after the breakup.
So, Marcelene brought up her three sons alone in the public housing complex of Golden Acres.
It’s clear that Marcelene Octave takes great pride in her three children: John Wicks, Kodak Black, and Lil Kodak.
Learn more about her three kids and their notable achievements here.

John Wicks

John is Marcelene, whose birth name is Masnik Sainmelus, firstborn child.
He has been silent regarding his age and date of birth.
John is a popular American rap artist.
On top of that, he’s a part of the Sniper Gang, a rap group consisting of five individuals.

Lil Kodak

Marcelene’s youngest child is known as Lil Kodak.
His early life, education, and place of birth are all mysteries.
Despite his desire to keep his private life out of the spotlight, his 2017 altercation with an elderly man made news.
For quite some time, Lil Kodak and two of his pals had been tormenting an adult male.
As a result of their continued harassment, the elder man snapped and took revenge.
Neighbors and bystanders stepped in to help quell the escalating violence.

Net Worth

Can we get an estimate of Marcelene Octave’s wealth please?
She has been vague regarding her financial status.
Her compensation is similarly unknown.
She has also been silent regarding her professional background and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Black Kodak

Marcelene’s most well-known child, Black Kodak, is her second.
His birth took place on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, and he was given the name Dieuson Octave.
In 2022, he will have turned 25.
At a later date, Black Kodak became known as Bill Kahan Kapri.