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Rej Forester-Age, Bio, Weight, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram, Who, Relationship and More

Rej Forester is a vocalist from the United States.

Her gaming prowess has garnered her a lot of fame in the gaming community.

She has gotten a lot of recognition for her music thanks to the band GRLwood, of which she is a member.

The two-piece band from Louisville, Kentucky, known as Fried Queerdos, yells at the top of their lungs.


Real NameRej Forester
Known AsBand member of Band GRLwood
BirthplaceUnited State
Age33 years (2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5 ft 5 in
Weight55 Kg
Bra Cup Size38 BB
Net Worth$200k – $500k

Net Worth and Profession

Approximately how much money does Rej Forester have?

Karen, a member of the performer’s band, has accused the performer of sexually assaulting her.

Karen is the band’s drummer.

She has accused her band members of rape on TikTok and Instagram.

Karen has acknowledged her fans and said that she was a rape victim and so left the band in May of 2020.

An estimate puts her wealth between $200,000 and $500,000.


Who is Rej Forester dating, if anyone knows?

She is currently a single woman.

She is well-connected in both the virtual and physical worlds.

She has a small circle of friends she is quite connected with.

Unveiling the Real Rej Forester

Rej Forester is active across a variety of social media platforms.

She has gathered over 5948 Instagram followers under the username @bigg.figg.

She feels deeply for all kinds of creatures.

Her live performances are high-intensity and show off her enthusiasm and flare, and she has developed several dramatic and imaginative versions of popular tunes.

Her love of singing has inspired her to participate in a number of musical endeavors.

Given her past, it seems likely that she will relocate back to the United States to be closer to relatives.

To the contrary, she and her relatives would rather not be in the spotlight.

Their main characters are able to stay apart from society in this way.

She had a brief hiatus, but began her career as a singer-songwriter in this decade.

However, things changed after she created Grlwood in late 2017.

In the present, though, she doesn’t appear to be making much headway.

True story: Karen Ledford, another band member, quit after making assault allegations against Forester on Instagram.

And it looks like the readers of Grlwood are leaning toward supporting Ledford.

Many of their songs deal with violent or sexual behaviors, therefore this comes as a shock to their fans.

In addition, Karen stated that Rej had attacked her right after the band was framed.

She also persisted in her commitment to the ensemble and actively sought the musicians’ endorsement.

Karen had second thoughts about leaving the band, but in the end she made the decision.

She also documented the event on Instagram (both individually and with the band’s account).

Rej and her band’s popularity plummeted as the news spread.

In the comments section, she has a lot of “Assault IS NOT PUNK” junk.

Neither Rej nor Karen have their own dedicated Wikipedia articles, despite their meteoric climb to fame.

More importantly, do you think Grlwood has what it takes to weather this storm?

Rej’s net worth is about $50,000 at this time.

Her yearly compensation is also predicted to be around $25,000 dollars.