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Santiago Enrique Bastón-Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Who, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram

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Where does the name Santiago Enrique Baston come from?

Santiago Enrique Baston, the son of American actress Eva Longoria and Mexican businessman Jose Baston, has been a public figure since the day he was born.

On June 19, 2018, he entered this world in the United States of America.
His current age is 3.
He is of Mexican and American descent and is just 2 feet, 4 inches tall.
Even though he doesn’t have an Instagram account of his own, because to his mother Eva Longoria’s prolific posts about him on her account, he has become a media darling.

Similarly, the name “SANTIAGO” was formed when the words “saint” (Santo) and “supplanter” (Ago) were joined.
SANTIAGO ENRIQUE BASTON is a Spanish name that means “Powerful Ruler of the Home.”
Santiago and his mother are shown traveling throughout the world.
Just like how Eva Longoria often updates her Instagram with photos from her family vacations, which always include her kid.
He’s seen a lot of the globe for someone so young.
According to one of Eva Longoria’s tweets, he has visited Dubai three times.

Celebration of the Birth of Santiago Enrique Basdon

Santiago Enrique Baston was born on June 19, 2018, to American actress Eva Longoria and Mexican businessman Jose Baston.
The YEARS of Santiago Enrique Baston.
He’ll be three years old this year.


A First Celebration of Santiago Enrique Baston’s Birth

Pictures from Santiago Enrique Baston’s first birthday party at DISNEYLAND, every kid’s dream come true, were posted online by both the theme park and Eva Longoria.
Santiago Enrique Baston’s favorite cartoon character, MICKEY MOUSE, was the subject of much attention thanks to a picture taken at his birthday party.

Those Who Raised Santiago Enrique Baston

In 2013, Eva Longoria and Jose Baston were introduced to one other via a mutual acquaintance.
Nonetheless, everything was well between them because both of them were simply emerging from failed romantic partnerships.

According to Eva Longoria, things changed significantly when they reconnected after six months through the same mutual acquaintance.

After dating for nearly two years, Jose Baston proposed when the couple was on holiday in Dubai, surprising her with a ruby diamond ring.
They were engaged for a year before finally getting married in May of 2016.
Similarly, Longoria announced in December 2017 that she was four months along in her pregnancy with a son.
Everybody’s favorite SANTIAGO ENRIQUE BASTON was born on June 19.

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