The Best 4 Slime Recipes That Everybody Can Do

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There are four standard slime recipes down below. These simple recipes for homemade slime provide children with an opportunity to experiment with four distinct materials while also teaching them important scientific ideas. How to make slime with borax, without borax, with glue, without glue, and more is revealed as you scroll down.

How to make slime with glue and borax are covered in the first simple slime recipe below. The second simple slime recipe is aptly named “Super Slime,” and it details a method for creating a plaything using borax instead of glue. Now, thanks to the recipes for Glooze and Oobleck slime, you can manufacture fantastic, ooey-gooey substances using commonplace items like skim milk and cornstarch instead of the toxic borax and glue typically used in traditional slime. Slime recipes with and without borax, slime recipes using skim milk, and slime recipes using cornstarch are all available here.

Everything you need to make Simple Slime (a putty-like texture) and Super Slime (clear and gooey) is included in our Slime Recipe Kit for Kids, including lab-quality chemicals, containers, and instructions. Corn starch, skim milk, vinegar, and baking soda are all you need to produce Glooze (slimy and ooze-like) and Oobleck (resembles quicksand)!

Now is the perfect time to begin your at-home slime experiment.


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