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Who is Brooke Burns’ daughter Declan Welles? All you need to know

Declan Welles is a celebrity kid whose media popularity is mostly thanks to her parents, renowned personalities in the American entertainment industry. She is one of the few born with a silver spoon because her parents are popular and wealthy in their rights. Here is all about her!

Declan Welles’ media fame comes from the show of love she gets from her parents and siblings on their social media pages. She lives a protected life because of how her parents’ fame has influenced her association with the public.


Full nameDeclan Welles O’Connor
Date of birth22 January 2017
Age6 years old as of (2023)
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthUnited States of America
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Hair colourBlonde
MotherBrooke Burns
FatherGavin O’Connor
Siblings2 half sisters (Madison Elizabeth and Bronwen O’Connor)
Relationship statusSingle

Background information

The celebrity child was born in the United States of America on 22 January 2017, which means that Declan Welles’ age is five as of 2022.
The only information about Declan’s education history is linked to her mother’s congratulatory post on social media, which suggested that her daughter is just starting kindergarten.

Who are Declan Welles’ parents?

She is the daughter of two prominent television personalities, Brooke Burns and Gavin O’Connor. Declan Welles’ father, Gavin O’Connor, is a popular actor, film director, screenwriter, playwright, and producer. The man, who will be 58 years old in 2022, has been active in the American movie industry since 1992. At the same time, he is credited for directing popular movies like The Accountant, Warrior, and Miracle.

Gavin has been married twice, and his first wife was Angela Shelton. Their marriage lasted only about a year, between 1995 and 1996, but the cause of the separation is unknown to the public. Gavin’s second wife is an actress and television personality named Brooke Burns. The lovebirds have been married since 2013.

Did Brooke Burns have a baby?

Yes, O’Connor has two biological daughters, Declan Welles and Bronwen, and another stepdaughter from his wife, Brooke. Broke is the mother of Declan, but Bronwen’s mother’s identity has not been revealed. As a result, Declan Welles’ siblings are the two stepsisters she shares.

On the other hand, Declan Welles’ mother’s multifaceted career has seen her delve into modelling, game show hosting, and acting. Initially, she was a ballet dancer for 12 years during childhood. She has been active on television since 1995, when she played a supporting role in a Spanish-American teen sitcom titled Out of the Blue.

Who is the host of The Chase and Masterminds?

Brooke is popular for her talent when it comes to hosting television shows. Interestingly, The Chase and Masterminds are just a few examples of the programs she has headed.

Her movie credits have also been impressive. She has been featured in films like Shallow Hal, Death to the Supermodels, and The Art of Travel.

Brooke is in her second marriage as of 2022, even though she has been romantically associated with various men in her adult life. Her first marriage was with fellow actor Julian McMahon, the child of Sir William McMahon, a former Prime Minister in Australia.

Brooke and Julian were married for nearly three years, from December 1999 to January 2002, before finalising their divorce. However, they had a daughter, Madison Elizabeth, before the separation.

Declan Welles’ net worth

Declan Welles Brooke Burns’ daughter is still a little too young to be associated with any financial asset and depends on her parents for her needs. However, this is not a problem as both parents are doing financially well for themselves in their respective careers. According to the Celebrity Net Worth, her mother is $5 million rich, while her father’s financial value has been a subject of debate in the media.

Physical appearance and body measurement

As of 2022, Declan Welles is a 6-year-old with an average height of about 3 feet 3 inches and blond hair. She is caucasian and has a mix of Irish, English, and Scottish descent.

Social media presence

No social media accounts are specifically associated with Declan Welles, as she is below the approved age limit for social media users in 2022. However, she gets featured on her parents’ social media pages. Her mother has over 23,000 followers on her verified Instagram page and close to 18,000 on her Twitter page.

Like most children born to famous and wealthy parents, Declan Welles has few worries about financial incapacity. However, it is only a matter of time before she starts making personal choices that will influence individual growth with or without her parents.
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