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Who is Sheena Selwani Husband, Age, Bio, Profession, Kids, Net Worth

Who is Dinesh Melwani

Dinesh Melwani, Sheena’s spouse, is a Canadian-Indian lawyer who specializes in business transactions.
On June 30, 1978, he entered the world.
He is a lawyer and a popular TikTok star in Mumbai, India.
He’s known as “The Real Indian Dad” among the general public.
His animated face videos have gone viral across all major social media sites.

In addition to his personal fame, he is well-known to his followers as the spouse of TikTok star Sheena Melwani.
They even make an appearance in the same videos together!
Would you like to learn more about Dinesh Melwani?
You’ve come to the correct location, as we’ll be discussing some crucial points in his life here.
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Full NameDinesh K. Melwani
Nick NameTRID, The Real Indian Dad, Mr Close The Windows
Date of birth30 June 1978
Age45 years (2023)
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthMaharashtra, Mumbai, India
Current ResidenceNatick, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerSheena Melwani
EducationConcordia University, McGill University
FacebookThe Real Indian Dad Read
Net Worth $ 250,000 Canadian Dollar

How did the couple first become acquainted?

You must be interested in learning more about the love story of Sheena Melwani and her husband if you are a fan of Sheena Melwani’s husband, right?
According to the information gathered from the sources, Dinesh was the one to initiate romantic relations between the two parties after dating them for a decade.
Dinesh most likely fell in love at first sight with her.

However, if you listen to Dinesh’s side of the tale, you will learn that Sheena was the one who declared her love to the attractive lawyer. This is something you will learn if you listen to Dinesh’s side of the story.
He reported that the news had brought an overwhelming sense of happiness to his heart, and soon after, the couple moved live together in Florida, where Sheena began her modeling career.

They Have Children

It’s likely that a good number of you are interested to learn the response to this question; thus, allow us to share with you all the relevant information.
The Melwanis, headed by Dinesh and Sheena, have a lovely family.
They have been blessed with a daughter, Zara Melwani, and a boy together who are both very gorgeous.
The famous couple, on the other hand, has not yet shared their ages with the public.

Both Sheena and Dinesh are in favor of keeping their children out of the public eye as much as possible so that their children can develop in their own unique ways without the added burden of being known as the children of celebrities.
In addition, the family has a dog at home, and his name is Breeze.
At the moment, the Melwanis can be found residing in Canada.

Early life

The birth of the attorney took place in Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, on June 30th, 1978, making her age 44 as of the year 2022.
He follows the Hindu religious tradition and is of the Sindhi caste.
Dinesh may have been born in India, but he has made his home and completed his education in Canada.
Therefore, he got a degree in law from Concordia Institution, which is a public research university in the city of Montreal in Canada.
He attended McGill University, which is a public research institution in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and spoke English when he was there between the years of 2001 and 2004.
Dinesh Melwani has an exceptional educational history, which has allowed him to achieve multiple degrees, including a Bachelor of Civil Law, LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law or Legum Baccalaureus), and a Bachelor of Arts. Among his other accolades, he has been admitted to the Indian Bar Association.

Net Worth

It’s likely that a good number of you are interested in learning the current estimate of the handsome celebrity’s net worth.
So, without further ado, here are the specifics.
Because of this, it is only logical to assume that Dinesh Melwani’s success as an attorney, in addition to his success as an influencer, has provided him with a significant amount of wealth.

In point of fact, there are rumors circulating that Dinesh’s personal wealth is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 million dollars.
You might wonder, given that he is just an average lawyer, how he manages to bring in such a high salary.
It is important to keep in mind that Dinesh Melwani also makes money through a variety of social media platforms.
Therefore, his pay is anticipated to fall somewhere in the range of 100,000 and 250,000 Canadian dollars.