Young Irish Fitness Personality Scott Murray Dies Unexpectedly

Unfortunate news broke that the online fitness trainer and Youtuber, Scott Murray, died. He passed away due to heart failure in his home while making dinner. Scott leaves behind a loving fan base and his family.

Who is Scott Murray?

Scott Murray is an Irish-born fitness trainer who had amassed 45.4 thousand subscribers on Youtube and over 130 thousand on Instagram. Scott’s own transformation from fat to fit is genuinely inspirational, as he was open about his youth, a time when he had a problematic relationship with food.

The Irish coach holds a bachelor’s degree in health and performance. He continued his fitness adventure by obtaining a master’s degree in food nutrition and health. He took great pride in posting videos and posts recipes and foods that you can eat large quantities of, with low caloric impact. He also addresses bodybuilding, fat loss, and living a healthy lifestyle in his own unique way and did a great job of breaking down the science behind everything.

Scott also ran a website where he consulted individuals looking to lose weight, sold programs and meal plans, and sold a cookbook.

Scott Murray’s Death

His obsession with trying to achieve the perfect body led to him making unhealthy life choices, including extreme eating challenges, sleeping four or fewer hours per night, crazy intense workouts, and never taking rest days. His eating disorder and excessive exercise made it difficult for his heart, and eventually, it couldn’t take anymore and gave out on him.

Unfortunately, in the end, he ignored his health (he continued to struggle with his eating disorder and an excessive training regimen), which led to him passing from heart failure. If you’re struggling with a disorder, please reach out to someone for help.


This message is for the younger lifters, workout warriors, bodybuilders. Take care of your body (since you only get one of them), get 7-8 hours of sleep, check your nutrition, and make sure to take time off to recover from your workouts.

Make sure to spend time with your family and enjoy your life. The SET FOR SET team sends its condolences to Scott Murray’s family and loved ones.