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Who is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

The first-born daughter of Mexican heavyweight champion Canelo Alvarez, aka Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, is the famous Emily Cinnamon Alvarez.
Canelo comes from the Spanish word for cinnamon, from which he took his name.
She is also a talented and promising equestrian, however.

On top of that, Canelo and his daughter are frequently spotted attending public events together.
They share a strong father-daughter bond that brings them great joy.
However, Emily does not have a clear employment and has not disclosed any details about the kind of work she hopes to do.
However, it looks like she is making progress in her course of study.
The public has yet to be privy to information concerning her academic credentials.

How Old Is Emily Cinnamon Alvarez?

To what age does Cinnamon belong?
By the year 2023, Cinnamon will have lived for 16 years.
She was born to middle-class parents in Mexico in November 2007.
Her horoscope sign is a well guarded secret for the time being.
Furthermore, she has an annual birthday party in November.
Furthermore, her actual dates of birth are kept private.

Height of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Cinnamon is around the normal height for a female, at 5 feet 3 inches, and weighs about the average for a female, at 54 kg.

Family of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, well known by his ring name Canelo Alvarez ( biological father).
Emily’s biological parents, Cancelo and Karen Beltran, met and fell in love in high school.
They got a divorce for unknown reasons, which is sad.
When they were both seventeen, they had a Cinnamon.
In any case, Emily is the stepdaughter of three women: Valeria Quiroz, Nelda Sepulveda, and Fernanda Gomez.

Canelo started boxing professionally when he was just 15 years old.
Throughout his career, he has won numerous accolades and prestigious titles, including four World Championships in different weight classes, Undisputed Champion, and World Best Active Boxer.
Canelo’s ring resume also includes bouts against heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather.
He is the father of three girls and a boy by three separate mothers.
Her stepmother, Valeria Quiroz, is a successful Mexican fashion model, and her mother, Nelda Sepulveda, runs a successful business.

Similar to Emily

Cinnamon is the step-sister of Valeria’s daughter Mia Ener Alvarez, Fernanda’s daughter Maria Fernanda Alvarez, and Nelda’s 2019 son Saul Adiel Alvarez.

The Wealth of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

No historical profiles include young Emily in their adult roles.
Since Emily has not yet finished college, she has not yet amassed a significant fortune.
But her dad is worth about $140 million, according to estimates.
As a result of his father’s wealth, Emily lives a comfortable existence.
In the ring, he has earned a lot of money.


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