Home Technology Fixing the AirPods Microphone: the Step-by-Step Guide

Fixing the AirPods Microphone: the Step-by-Step Guide

Fixing the AirPods Microphone: the Step-by-Step Guide

The microphone capability of Apple’s AirPods can be used in some situations, however there have been reports that the mic has stopped working correctly for seemingly unrelated reasons. This article will take you step-by-step through all of the most effective methods available to make the microphones on your AirPods to operate once more on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Why Is Nobody Able to Hear Me When I Use My AirPods

Incorrect system or software settings, the microphones being muted within an app, or having another mic attached to the same device are common causes of the microphones on AirPods not functioning properly.

Bluetooth interference from other devices is another potential reason why the microphones on an Apple AirPod could not work properly or appear to detach. It is possible for a pair of AirPods or their charging case to stop functioning as designed if either of their batteries runs out.

How to Restore Sound to Your AirPods After They’ve Stopped Working

The following is a comprehensive list of the most effective methods, ordered from simplest and most straightforward to those requiring a higher level of technical expertise, for repairing a malfunctioning microphone on an Apple AirPod.

1. Choose your AirPods from the menu within the app. If you are experiencing difficulty using the microphone feature of your AirPods within a particular app, access the app’s mic settings and pick your AirPods from the list of possible devices. It’s possible that the microphone already installed in your device is picked by default.

2. Unmute your microphone. Try to locate a little microphone icon within the program that you’re using. If there is a dash or a line across it, it indicates that the microphone is muted in some way. The microphone may often be unmuted by giving this symbol a short click or press.

3. Test your microphone. If you want to make sure that your AirPods are connecting to your iOS device in the correct manner, there are a number of crucial tests that you can do. The app that you’re using your AirPods with or the settings of your smartphone will often have one available for you to use.

4. Check the settings for the microphone on your device. It’s possible that the mic and sound options, as well as the permissions, need to be adjusted in the system preferences of your computer.

5. To reconnect your Bluetooth device, turn it off and then back on. Resetting your smartphone’s connection to your AirPods and maybe fixing any issues with its microphone can be accomplished by quickly toggling the Bluetooth setting on your device.

6. Turn off Bluetooth on all of your other devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It’s possible that your AirPods are already linked to another device if you’ve used them with that device in the past and then disconnected them.

7. Enable AirPod switching. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and select Bluetooth > the information icon next to your AirPods’ name > Microphone and enable Automatically Switch AirPods.

8. Disconnect any additional microphones that are present. You should turn off any additional wireless microphones that you may have laying about, as well as physically unhook any wired microphones, including any headsets that have microphones built in. It’s possible that these mics are generating interference with your AirPods.

9. Restart your device. Your computer, tablet, or smartphone may need to be restarted in order to resolve the majority of the most common connectivity difficulties.

10. Put your AirPods through a charge. There is a chance that the battery in your Apple AirPods has run out of juice.

11. You should wipe down your Apple AirPods. It’s possible that dirt and dust are preventing the microphone on your AirPods from working properly or stopping the earphones from charging correctly.

12. You should clean the charging case for the AirPods. If the case for your AirPods is dirty, it may prevent the headphones from charging correctly and may also collect grit, which may prevent the microphones from working properly.

13. Make sure the firmware on the AirPods is up to date. Earbuds manufactured by Apple receive periodic firmware upgrades that, among other things, address performance issues and correct problems.

14. Perform an operating system update on your smartphone. Before being able to connect to Apple’s AirPods, certain devices, such as the Nintendo Switch, need to have the most recent software update installed.

15. Update your applications. Bugs relating to the microphone as well as Bluetooth and audio can be fixed with an update to the application.

16. You’ll need to reset your AirPods. This procedure takes very little time and effectively removes the AirPods from the device you are using. To establish a new connection, you may do so by re-establishing the connections between the devices and your Windows or Mac computer, as well as your iPhone or Android mobile.

17. Set up a Genius Bar appointment. If there is an Apple Store near you, you may obtain in-person assistance with your AirPods by scheduling a consultation at the store’s Genius Bar and paying the required fee.

18. Get in touch with Apple Support. If nothing else solves the problem, the best course of action is to get in touch with the Apple Support team directly. If your AirPods are still inside their first year of use when they are broken, Apple may offer to repair them at no cost or at a significant discount.