Juan Rivera – Age, Bio, Wiki, Who, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Wife, Instagram, Brother and More

Who is Juan Rivera?

Juan Rivera, born Juan Rivera Saavedra, is a well-known American singer and actor.
On February 22, 1978, he entered this world in Long Beach, California.
The 45-year-old singer is one of the most attractive, affable, talented, and active in the American music industry.
When it comes to musicians, songwriters, and vocalists, Juan Rivera is among the most known and most respected.

In addition to his musical talents, he also acts.
In 1994, he played the role of Jose Luis Perez in an episode of Cine Infantil titled “La Dinastia de Los Perez.”
In 2001, he made an appearance in Jefe de Nadie playing an entirely new character.

Even as a young child, he showed a keen interest in music, particularly singing.
That’s why he pursued singing as a career at such a tender age.
Juan Rivera’s vocal abilities were demonstrated to be superior.
His special day is always February 22nd.


Full NameJuan Rivera Saavedra
Date of BirthFebruary 22, 1978
Age45 years (2023)
Height6 feet 2 inches(188 cm)
ProfessionSinger, Actor
ParentsPedro Rivera & Rosa Saavedra
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$10 million

The Scandals of Juan Rivera and His Wife, Brenda

In February of 1995, when Juan was 17 years old, he was arrested for drug possession.
His awful experiences in prison made him consider suicide.
His experiences included seeing captives treated inhumanely.
It was common practice for prison kitchen staff to degrade and humiliate convicts by spitting and urinating on food, for instance.

The musician was having a hard time coping with his surroundings, so he entertained thoughts of ending his life.
To his credit, though, he rallied and made the most of his predicament.
He put his mind to schoolwork and emerged from high school with a diploma.
After his time at Long Beach, Juan attended the University of California for a degree in communication sciences.

After being freed from prison for some time, he was once again the subject of an arrest.
This time, he spent twenty years in prison for carrying weapons unlawfully.
Ultimately, Juan’s upheaval and stress led to his alcoholism.
The singer started drinking at the age of 15, and by the time he was 30, he knew he had a problem.

Aside from his stints behind bars, the singer was never without Brenda, his ever-present companion.
Changing Juan’s perspective on life was his wife.

When Brenda was just 17 years old, she met the famous singer and forever altered the course of his life.
Six months into their relationship, and only a few days before Juan was jailed, Brenda fell pregnant with their first child.

Despite some initial difficulties, they were able to work through their issues and build a strong connection.
Instead, they faced the problem head on, and as a result, Juan developed into a more stable and reliable companion for Brenda.
After being together for nearly two decades, the couple finally tied the knot in 2017.
Small, close friends and family members were present for the beautiful ceremony.

The singer’s older brother, Pedro, officiated the ceremony, and the couple exchanged tearful, sincere vows during the golden hour.
They have settled in California with their four children and seem to be doing well.
Juan is putting all of his energy into his music career and towards continuing his sister’s legacy.


In fact, he is one of Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra’s five kids.
Lupilo and Gustavo Rivera are his brothers, while Rosie and the late Jenni Rivera are his sisters.
Except for his sister Rosie, who is a TV personality and businesswoman, all of his other siblings have musical backgrounds.
He took after his musician father, who started the band Cintas Acuario.

Height and Weight

Actor and singer Juan Rivera Saavedra is well-known in his native Colombia.
He developed an early interest in singing that eventually led to a successful career.
As for his stature, he stands at around 6 feet and 2 inches tall.
Approximately 104.3 kg is how much he tips the scales at.
Juan Rivera is a black man with dark brown eyes.

Social Media Pages

Juan Rivera is a very social media savvy individual.
He is set up with a legitimate profile.
There are a lot of people who look up to him and follow his career.
To date, he has amassed 319,300 Twitter followers.
As of this writing, he has followed 863 individuals on Twitter.
Back in July of 2002, he signed up for Twitter.
That was his last update, dated November 11, 2020.

On Instagram, he is followed by 1189 people and has 545K total followers.
His Instagram account has 5252 posts.
He uses Instagram more than Twitter.
About 261,482 people are following him on Facebook.

Professional Life, Career

Brenda Rivera works as a reporter for the press.
She currently contributes to Wapa TV, a division of Puerto Rico’s Hemisphere Media Group.
As a result, she was responsible for things like exclusives and follow-up interviews.

Those two have been together for quite some time.
But just a few months into their relationship, Juan was arrested for his criminal activities and sent to jail.
An illegal narcotics transaction implicated him.
He spent some time inside bars, got out, and then was arrested again for gun possession.

Brenda was there for him every step of the way.
Juan claims that she was the one who ultimately ended up being the one who kept him alive.
He owes a great deal to her for making a permanent change in his life.
Peta, Juan’s brother and minister, married the pair.
They came to the marriage with three children from previous relationships.

Salary and Wealth of Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera, or Juan Rivera Saavedra, is a lively and skilled American singer and actor.
On February 22, 1978, he entered this world in Long Beach, California.
In terms of wealth, he is estimated to have around $10 million in 2021.
We haven’t made a final decision on his wage yet.
His wealth, however, can be attributed to his successful professional endeavors.