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Linda Kolkena Broderick Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Birthday, Wiki, Instagram

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Dan Broderick hired Linda Kolkena Broderick as his legal assistant after she had worked as a popular American flight orderly for Delta Airlines.
In Linda’s case, her husband’s name was Dan Broderick.

The original statement also does not contain a mistake due to the use of the word was.

In 1989, she was killed by her ex-husband Dan’s wife, Betty Broderick.

She was wronged in the 1989 high-profile case of Betty Broderick vs. Dan and Linda Broderick.
Dan and Linda filed suit against one another because of a disagreement about custody.


Since the judge ordered a lengthy prison sentence for Betty, she remains a prison inmate.

Below you’ll find ten interesting facts about her if you’re curious to know more.


Linda Kolkena Broderick
Birthday 1961
Age 28 years (died 1989)
Nationality American
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Profession Flight Assistant
Husband Dan Broderick

Linda Kolkena Broderick, a well-known aviation steward and legitimate associate of Dan Broderick, who was led astray in the Broderick versus Broderick case, is the Brodericks’ common law spouse. This case involved Dan Broderick, who was led astray.

She was born in 1961, although the date and location of her birth are not known for certain. She was born in the United States.
It does not appear that she was born in the United States in 1961, despite the fact that she was born in that year.

In the year 1989, when she was 28 years old, she was shot many times, including three times in the head and one time in the chest. She died as a result of her injuries.

In spite of the fact that Dan Broderick was already married to Betty Broderick at the time, on April 22, 1989, she became his second wife and they had a child together.
The wedding was held in the state of California.

Betty Broderick

She shot herself and her ex-boyfriend in 1989, and she has been in prison for the past 32 years. She is still serving out the remainder of her sentence.

When Betty reaches the age of 84 in the year 2032, she will be eligible for release since she will have met the age requirement.

Despite the fact that she has gained notoriety as a direct result of the occurrence, it would appear that she does not have a wiki bio of her own on the website.

Moving on to the specifics of her family, we do not have any information about her parents or any of the other members of her family at this time. This is the case for all of the members of her family.

In addition, it is quite possible that she amassed a lot of riches as a result of the work that she did; however, we do not have any information regarding the entirety of her assets or the amount that she was paid.

While working as a Flight Associate with Delta Airlines, she has filled in for a number of different employees on occasion.

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