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Meet Jaylin Williams Parents and Family

Jaylin Williams’s parents are Michael and Linda Williams. He is one of the couple’s five children, meaning that he has four siblings – three brothers (Mikey, Marquis, and Montell Williams) and one sister (Synora Phillips).

Williams’ parents are no public figures, they had lived their lives away from media attention until their son dragged them into the limelight. Michael and Linda are super proud of their son, who is famous as an American professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The basketball star has enjoyed so much of his parents’ and siblings’ support that it has left many eager to know more about his family.

Who is Jaylin Williams’ Dad, Michael Williams?

Michael Williams is the father of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s power forward. Apart from this fact, it is hard to tell anything else about the man. Information regarding his age, date of birth, where he was born, and the kind of upbringing he had are yet to be disclosed to the public.

In the same vein, his educational background and what he does for a living are not known. However, it is no secret he is a citizen of the United States of America who belongs to the African-American ethnic group. We can also confirm that he fathered all of Jaylin Williams’ siblings with Linda Williams.

Like other members of his family, Michael Williams only gained public attention because of the successful basketball career of his son, Jaylin Williams, in the NBA. Several reports have claimed that Michael is a part of his son’s success story. It was him that taught Jaylin his earliest basketball lessons which fanned the power forward’s interest in the sport.

Michael Williams Prepped Jaylin for His NBA Career

From all indications, the older Williams has been a great father. He was not only involved in the upbringing of the basketball star but has always had a good relationship with Jaylin. Michael and Jaylin spent so much time together that the former began teaching the latter how to play basketball when he was in grade one.

Jaylin has alluded to this several times, stressing that his father laid the foundation for his career as a professional basketball player. He was his first coach in the sport and often took him to watch the Arkansas Razorback play. All of these fueled, nurtured, and sustained Jaylin’s interest in becoming an NBA player.

At Jaylin’s NBA Draft watch party, his father shared that the journey wasn’t easy but worth it. According to him, Jaylin worked hard to get to the NBA. For years, they had early morning workouts around 1 am and 4 am. In all, Michael is glad that his family’s dream and efforts directed at seeing Jaylin join the NBA have paid off.

Meet Jaylin Williams’ Mom, Linda Williams

Linda Williams is the name of Jaylin Williams’ mother. Unlike the father of her kids, whose life has been quite a mystery to the public, it is known that Linda Williams is originally from St. Croix in the United States. However, she spent most of her childhood in the Bronx. According to reports, her parents were not originally from the United States. It is said that they migrated into the country and are of Vietnamese descent.

Apart from the above deets regarding Linda Williams’ early life and family background, nothing else is known. From her age to her educational background and what she does for a living, so much information people might want to know about Jaylin William’s mother is not readily available.

If anything is certain about her, it is the fact that she is super proud and supportive of her son. Being a fan of the sport has definitely made it easy for Linda to be a strong support system for Jaylin. She has been seen cheering for her son on several occasions, and her social media pages are littered with pictures of Jaylin’s exploits in the NBA.

Jaylin Regards His Mother Linda Williams as His Number One Fan

No one follows and showcases Jaylin Williams’ career as much as his mother, Linda Williams. Based on that and the fact that she is his mother, it is easy to see why the power forward regards Linda as his number one fan. More so, she has been with him from the very beginning of his career journey.

However, Linda only became Jaylin’s top fan after the death of his grandmother Cora in November 2021. Just as it is with his father, Jaylin Williams has a great relationship with his mother. He clearly adores the woman who has relentlessly encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Who Are Jaylin Williams’ Siblings?

Jaylin Williams has four siblings, three brothers and one sister. The NBA star is the youngest of five children born to his parents, Michael and Linda Williams. So, he has three older brothers and one older sister. His brothers’ names are Mikey Williams, Marquis Williams, and Montell Williams. Jaylin’s only sister is Synora Phillips.

Jaylin was born into a basketball family. All of his siblings, including his sister, played the game. Synora Phillips played varsity basketball at Northside High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His siblings’ involvement with the sport naturally attracted Jaylin to it, and with the support of his parents, he ultimately decided to build a professional career in it.

Much isn’t known about what his siblings are up to. But they have been seen cheering for their brother. Through his sister Synora Phillips, Jaylin Williams now has a nephew named Keaton Murry and a niece known online as Baddie Brook. Keaton plays basketball in high school. He considers his uncle a role model as he works towards having a professional career in basketball as well.

Are Jaylin Williams’ Parents Still Together?

Linda and Michael Williams have been seen together in public several times. However, it is not certain if they are still together or divorced. During the 2022 NBA Draft, the two were seen together celebrating their son at the Watch party.

But then, Linda Willams has been seen fondly holding on to another man in pictures. This makes one wonder if she is still married to Michael. If they are no longer married, as speculated in several quarters, then they have been able to maintain a good relationship.