Home Biography Mercer Wiederhorn – Age, Wiki, Bio, Weight, Height, Dad, Net Worth, Family, Who

Mercer Wiederhorn – Age, Wiki, Bio, Weight, Height, Dad, Net Worth, Family, Who

Mercer Wiederhorn – Age, Wiki, Bio, Weight, Height, Dad, Net Worth, Family, Who

Mercer Wiederhorn’s connection with his model girlfriend Amelia Hamlin has caused him to fall out of the public eye recently.
The couple has been dating since late spring of 2019.

Additionally, they have recently started to be seen together in public after dating for extended periods of time.
Everyone has been talking about their young love and how cute it is.

Unlike Amelia, who has lived in the public eye her her life because to her famous mother, Mercer has never really been a member of the elite.
In addition, his presentation currently depends heavily on his better half.


Full NameMercer Wiederhorn
Age18-23 years
Wife/GirlfriendAmelia Hamlin
Net WorthUnknown

Recently, Mercer has been making headlines on the web thanks to his relationship with the famous model and actress Amelia Hamlin.

In spite of the fact that his actual age is unknown at the moment, it is estimated that he is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22.

Since the late spring of 2019, he has been in a relationship with Amelia-18.
The duo, despite their ages, exudes an endearing and endearing appeal.

Mercer is a native of the United States and a member of the White/Caucasian plummet.

His Wikipedia page and other biographical details are not present as of this moment.

In addition, the specifics of his height and weight are currently being looked into as well.
In any event, based on his appearance, he seems to be of average height and appears to have an impressive build.

There does not appear to be any information available at this time regarding Mercer’s family.
He does not discuss them on any of the web-based platforms he maintains.

Amelia, his girlfriend, is Lisa Rinna’s daughter, who stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Amelia is his better half.
In this vein, she has the inclination for being the center of attention almost from the time she was a young child.

At this moment, the full extent of Mercer’s assets has not been disclosed.
Despite this, it is clear that his sweetheart will enter the year 2020 with more than two hundred thousand dollars in total assets.

On the Instagram account that he uses under his own name, he has more than three thousand followers.