Home Biography Patricia Beech — Tony Bennett’s Ex-Wife. He Was ‘Taken with Her Beauty’

Patricia Beech — Tony Bennett’s Ex-Wife. He Was ‘Taken with Her Beauty’

Patricia Beech — Tony Bennett’s Ex-Wife. He Was ‘Taken with Her Beauty’

A young student, going by the name of Patricia Beech, was minding her own business when a man, besotted with her at first glance, asked her on a date. From there, her life became a whirlwind. Learn more about the untold story of Patricia Beech.

Patricia Beech rose to fame after she became romantically involved with a singer who was and is beloved around the entire globe. The two said their “I do’s” in 1952 when Beech was just 19 years old.

Tony Bennett’s fans were devastated when he walked down the aisle with this art student. Thousands of them stood outside the wedding venue wearing black as a gesture of mourning.


Beech was simply enjoying her life in Cleveland and went to Moe’s Main, where Bennet was singing. When the singer spotted his future wife while at the venue, his breath was immediately taken away; in his book “The Good Life,” Bennett recalled: ““I met and fell in love with a young woman named Patricia Beech in July of 1951. I was singing at Moe’s Main Street in Cleveland, Ohio, and one night she came in with a date. I could see her from the stage — she was sitting ringside — and I was taken with her beauty.”

Luckily for the singer, Beech’s date asked him if he wanted to join them, and of course, he did not hesitate to say yes. He learned a lot about Beech, such as her taste in music, stating that she was fond of jazz disc jockey “Symphony Sid” and had all-around wonderful taste in music.


The vocalist wasted no time asking for her number, and they went out on their first date the next day. She soon after moved to New York to be with Bennett and worked as a broker. Then came the engagement, as Bennett remembered it:

“I was headlining the Paramount again for the Christmas holidays. So during my show, I announced my intentions to the world which was a surprise to Patricia. I was fortunate that she wanted to marry me as much as I wanted to marry her.”

Ray Muscarella, Bennett’s manager, was not pleased about his client’s marital plans. So, the singer alleged, he tried to sabotage their wedding day at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Bennett claimed his manager coordinated the scene of women mourning.


He also claimed that some crazed fans would not let his future wife walk up the steps to her wedding. Luckily, the newlywed couple had a two-week honeymoon in the Bahamas to shake off all the drama.

Once the wedding and honeymoon came to an end, the newlyweds began their life together, with their initial years on tour together. They would spend their time at their own place in New York when they weren’t on the road.


Because of all this touring, the two did not have children right away. Eventually, they had their first child, who was born on February 3, 1954., and their second child, who was born on October 15, 1955. Having children changed things for the couple, with the singer writing:

“When the new baby came, we felt that Patricia needed to stay at home with the kid, especially since I was scheduled to start an extensive tour…and after the tour, Patricia and I decided it was time to get a house in the suburbs where the kids could spread out.”

Beech did one last tour with her husband in 1957. This decision came about after they found that the distance between them while she stayed at home and he was touring was hurting their marriage. However, she never joined him on the road again.


Sadly for the couple, the touring kept affecting their relationship, and they decided it would be best to give each other some space. So the music artist moved into a separate apartment in 1965.

Afterward, Beech and her husband kept talking, and things appeared to be getting better, so he moved back into the family home.


However, after Beech found out about a woman her husband was getting close to, she ended the relationship. Bennett recalled:

“Patricia called me at the hotel and Sandra answered the phone. We were officially separated from that moment on.”

When it came time to work out the divorce, the pair had difficulties reaching an agreement. Beech took the reins, serving her husband with divorce papers and taking him to court. They finalized the divorce in 1971, and Beech remained with the two children in the family home in Englewood.


Beech’s two children with her ex-husband are both boys: Danny Bennett and Dae Bennett. Now a grown man, Danny works in the entertainment industry as a film producer with two Emmy nominations and a win to his name.

He was also his dad’s manager for over four decades and oversaw his collaborations with many prominent artists, such as John Legend, Norah Jones, Carrie Underwood, and Lady Gaga. He also has a son and was last reported to have a girlfriend, Hadley Spanier, in 2021.

Dae followed in his father’s musical footsteps, working as an audio editor, drummer, and producer. He currently works as a freelance audio engineer and producer. His time in the music industry has earned him seven Emmy Awards. The brothers have also performed in rock bands together.


From having fans mourning her wedding, her now-ex-husband touring the world, to giving birth to two highly successful young men, Beech’s life has certainly had its fair share of excitement. However, she has remained private about her personal life, and it seems the only way to glean information about her is through her ex-husband’s writings.

Beyond that, we do not know much about her and what she is currently doing with her life. What we do know, however, is that her sons and their father have maintained a close relationship.