2 years ago

Software for editing photographs available for Macs

You’ve grown tired of using Photoshop to create stunning visuals, but you don’t know what other software would be compatible with your iMac machine.

Because there aren’t very many software like Photoshop for Mac that have the same features and functions, that might undoubtedly be a difficulty for you. Nevertheless, there are still some viable options available, and we’re going to investigate those choices in today’s piece of writing.

1. Luminar Neo

Features: Relight AI, Portrait Background, Layers
Pricing: starting from $12.96/month

The first product on our list of Photoshop alternatives for Mac is Luminar Neo, which has one of the easiest and most user-friendly interfaces. You will be able to decrease your photo editing time in half thanks to its user-friendly UI.

The majority of the Luminar Neo toolkit’s solutions are devoted to portrait retouching. FaceAI and Skin AI capabilities are available to help you disguise the model’s flaws and accentuate the most notable parts of their face.

Aside from that, you can remodel portrait backgrounds, layer them, and even generate the lighting for the 3D effect with the virtual flash.

Use case: the best software for portrait photographers using Mac.

2. Affinity Photo

Features: 360-degree image editing, panorama stitching, HDR merge, batch processing
Pricing: $65.76

Affinity Photo is the most widely available Adobe Photoshop replacement for Mac. Users of G2 report that the UI is nearly identical, however they must retrain how to utilize various toolkits. However, it’s a tiny price to pay given that Affinity is less expensive than Photoshop – you buy it once and it’s yours forever, with no membership fees.

What do you get when you buy this software?

It features basic photo editing tools as well as sketching tools, filters, and color correction. Aside from that, you can use real-time editing to work on visuals with your colleagues. Portrait photographers can also use the retouching toolkit, and graphic designers can use it to create amazing artwork.

Use case: great for all photo editing-related tasks.


Features: scripted image manipulation, color management, graphic design elements, artwork creation
Pricing: free

The last Photoshop alternative for Mac on our list is GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). It’s a free tool that anyone may download to their computer, and you can even modify and distribute it.

While photographers and picture editing pros can use it, graphic designers and illustrators are the primary users of GIMP. You may produce original artwork, which is a feature that many Photoshop competitors lack.

Aside from that, if you’re a newbie and find Adobe products too complicated, you can start with GIMP, which has a highly user-friendly and clear interface. However, it is not for everyone – some G2 reviewers felt the dashboard to be excessively old and glitchy, but this has no bearing on the tool’s effectiveness.

Use case: the best software for graphic designers and illustrators

Now to You

If you’re seeking for software like Photoshop for Mac, you won’t have any trouble finding one that meets your requirements.

Luminar Neo can help all portrait photographers looking for an application with a robust retouching toolkit. If you are a graphic designer or illustrator, you can put your trust in GIMP and its collection of artwork solutions. Finally, if you simply want universal software that can assist you in performing all of the fundamental photo editing chores akin to Photoshop, Affinity Photo is the way to go – it contains everything you need.

Furthermore, if you’re on a limited budget, you can download GIMP for free and use it on any of your devices, not just Mac.